USB 2.0 Output Voltage

hi experts,i wanted to know the output voltage of usb 2.0 as i have a mp3 player which charges through the usb but i am going away so i am purchasing a plug which allows me to plug the usb in to the plug then the plug plugs into a socket the plug is rated at 5v and if you require anymore information please ask.


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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
USB is 5v and 500mA current.  Just be careful that you don't overtax the USB port, because many report problems here after plugging in too many devices or devices that draw too much current.  Even the standard 5v and 500mA is not always a guarantee by some manufacturers.
knoxzooConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A standard USB hub, with its own power supply, coupled with a standard international power adapter should be all you need.
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