How do I setup a junk email folder in Outlook 2000?

I have just finished setting up the IMF on exchange server.  It is now archiving emails over 7 or over.  What I want to do now is have the other emails, 5 or over go in the users junk email box. Most of our users still have outlook 2000. Is there anything I can do to make a 'junk email' folder in outlook 2000 that exchange will automatically deliver to that email box?  

Thanks in advance!
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ingeticConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do it with OWA2003 or programmatialy
bizcrown101Author Commented:
Thanks for the link. The problem I have is 80% of our users are on Outlook 2000.  Are there any options to get Outlook 2000 to deal with the spam? I do suppose for those that are getting downright hammered with spam we can move them to the web outlook version. I was just hoping that 2000 could be configured for the IMF filter.

If you enable junk folder with owa 2000, it is activated for use with outlook 2000 ..

do you read this link to do itprogramatically ? :
error :
enable junk folder with owa 2003,(NOT OWA 2000)  it is activated for use with outlook 2000 ..
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