Single e-mail address never goes through

Hello experts,
I'm kind of new to exchange so sorry if this sounds like an easy question.
Basically, we are running exchange server 2003 and we are having no e-mail issues except one. We are on no blacklists according to, we've got all our dns issues resolved (as far as i can tell) and we are receiving and sending all e-mails just fine.

There is one e-mail address though that anyone in the company tries to send to that *usually* comes back undeliverable after a couple of hours. I say usually because sometimes the e-mail goes right through without any problem whatsoever.

After attempting to send an e-mail to this one person, we get this back
-----Original Message-----
From: PostMaster
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 8:28 AM
To: (My.Name)
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Delay)

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.



Delivery to the following recipients has been delayed.


Then a few hours later we get a message like this
From: System Administrator
Sent: Monday, June 26, 2006 10:29 AM
To: (
Subject: Undeliverable: meeting this week

Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

      Subject:      meeting this week
      Sent:      6/26/2006 7:25 AM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

      ( on 6/26/2006 10:29 AM
            Could not deliver the message in the time limit specified.  Please retry or contact your administrator.
            <( #4.4.7>

we are in a parent company's domain but our outgoing mail goes directly out through our ISP without ever hitting their servers. We do not have anything blocked and as I said, I don't think we're on any blacklists.

The thing that confuses me is that is sometimes goes through without any problem, but the majority of the time, it does not. Also, if you e-mail from a hotmail or yahoo account, it always goes through.

Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do not put the smart host on to the SMTP virtual server. If you are operating in a multiple server environment it will disrupt the flow of email between servers as ALL email will go through the ISPs server - which includes replication traffic and internal traffic. The ISP will simply drop it as it will be unable to deliver those messages.

If you right click on the Exchange org and choose Properties, there are two options - display admin groups and display routing groups.
If those are enabled, then you will find SMTP Connectors in Admin Groups, <your admin group>, Routing Groups, <your routing group>, Connectors. When you create the connector, set its scope to Routing Group only.

do you send email through ISP relay mail server or do you use MX delivery ?
ciphronAuthor Commented:
As I said, I'm kinda new with this, but i believe through isp relay, but just to make sure, how can i tell?
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look if you have connectors on exchange manager
You are sending to att. They will probably operate their own blacklists, much the same as AOL does.
If you aren't using your ISPs SMTP server, then you should for this one domain. Use an SMTP Connector.

ciphronAuthor Commented:
yes but if we were on a blacklist, wouldn't it make it so that we couldn't send to him ever? As i said, we can send sometimes
Try and add and to yor external DNS list under default SMTP virtual server properties.

I feel this may be a DNS issue....

Check this and revert back, this is not a sure fix but worth a try... Don't forget to restart your virtual smtp server after adding the entries...

With big ISPs it isn't unusual to find that it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Most of the major ISPs will have a cluster of machines that accept email for their domain and it could be that only some of them have properly replicated the information around.

I don't tend to bother with single domain troubleshooting, as it is pretty obvious that either the domain has a problem with my site or their DNS. An SMTP Connector fixes the problem and I move on. Too many things that could be causing the problem that I cannot resolve.

ciphronAuthor Commented:
We do not have a "connectors" in the exchange manager.

Would i need to be a domain admin in order to put in one of these connectors? I have admin rights to my domain, but not to the entire forest, can i still set one of these connectors up?
Connectors can appear under Routing Groups. It depends on how you are displaying things in ESM.
As long as you have Exchange Admin rights on the Exchange server, then you can setup the connector.

ciphronAuthor Commented:
I see the default virtual smtp server, its under administrative groups (which might be something our parent company renamed)-> our exchange server -> protocols -> smtp -> default virtual smtp server.

So all I have to do is add another virtual smtp server and where it says "forward all mail through this connector to the following smart host" i put in the IP address of their mail server and everything should be set to go?
ciphronAuthor Commented:
they are both checked,
if i leave properties and just look at my system manager window, the only things on the left are:
Global Settings
Administrative Groups and
If i go to administrative groups and click on my company's group, the only thing thats there is servers, from there the only thing is our exchange server, from there we have queues, first storage group, second storage group and protocols

Am I not looking in the right place?
Sounds like you are looking in the right place, but the connectors aren't there. You may well not be able to create connectors on that server. Ask the Exchange administrators why not. If they will not give you the rights, then ask them to create the connector for you - possibly using one of their servers to route email through rather than the ISP.

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