Pix 501 vpn client config

Can someone please give me the commands to allow a Cisco VPN client to connect to my Pix 501 though IPSEC?

For example, please use external network is and internal network of Thanks!

Another easy 500 points for you experts out there!
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nodiscoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
hi it2qostl

Follow the URL steps here for how to configure the PIX with VPN client access:

This example is for using AES-256 bit encryption.  You can use DES or 3DES if you wish - just change your encryption in the transform set and isakmp stage to whatever you wish
Change the ip information in this example to match your network
ip local pool vpnpool1 -
access-list 102 permit ip

hope this helps
it2gostlAuthor Commented:
Thanks, just what I needed! worked great.
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