How to assign subject in mailto:

I have a link which when clicked should open and email with to and subject pre_written

<td>By <a href="mailto:<%= next_successStory.getAuthor_email() %>"><%= next_successStory.getAuthor() %></a></td>

I know how to pre_write the to field but how can I pre_write the subject field

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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TOPIOConnect With a Mentor Commented:
   MailTo with Subject
    <a href=" from MailTo Syntax Page">
Hi huzefaq,
Here's a good reference on the mailto syntax
it  has details on the different  parts of the command

The MailTo command can do more than enter a single e-mail address in the "Send To" field while activating your e-mail program. It can also:
Feature             Syntax
Address message to multiple recipients        ,   (comma separating e-mail addresses)
Add entry in the "Subject" field        ?subject=Subject Field Text
Add entry in the "Copy To" or "CC" field        ?&cc=id@internet.node
Add entry in the "Blind Copy To" or "BCC" field        ?&bcc=id@internet.node
Add entry in the "Body" field        ?&body=Your message here
Within the body use "%0A" for a new line,
use "%0A%0A" for a new line preceded by a blank line (paragraph),
see example below.
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b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:

I am not really sure what you are doing on that page or in the script but I would not include email addresses on a web page, especially since it looks like you may be including email addresses of others.  You expose yourself and/or the authors to spam messages.  Another downside is that support for mailto can be limited and if the visitor uses an online email account then it would not work.

A better alternative is to use a contact form that your script will send to the author or use the link to run a script that will send a generic email to the author.  In both cases the email is part of the script and hidden from visitors and those that would try to get personal information from your HTML code.  Which method you use would depend on if the email contents need to be customized by the visitor.

Let me know if you need more information about this suggestion.  I strongly recommend that you do not use mailto, especially if you will put someone else's email address in the code.

This is not my question, but you have a well written and important point
huzefaqAuthor Commented:
but I will not be inserting the email address directly in the code but will be getting it from the database using JSP.
Will that still be a problem


b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
Your welcome!  Thanks for the additional information.  That sounds better.  If the email address is not in the HTML code then it will not be available to spammers, etc but it will still appear in the visitor's email program.  Also, in most cases, it will only work if the visitor has an email program installed on his computer.  It sounds like the JSP would be depend on client side script and that can be disabled in the browser.

Just a couple of other points to still consider.  Since you will not have other people's email addresses in your HTML code I would no longer strongly recommend against doing it but just suggest this other way.  Your current method may not work for people that have disabled client-side script, use a browser that doesn't support client-side script or mailto, or use an email account that won't work with it.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like more information.

huzefaqAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information b0lsc0tt, but the application I am working ion is an intranet application, so I guess it wouldn't be much of a problem.
But thanks again for all your help
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