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An office next door has a T1 line, we want to share it with our office. Can we just run a crossover cable from their switch into a regular linksys router on our end?

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supportsoftConnect With a Mentor Commented:
what you could do is pulg it into their internal LAN switch. They then give you a free internal IP (on their network for you to use) and a mask and their router IP for your gateway.

You then get a littl firewall applaince such as a WtachGuard X Edge.

Then on its external interface put in the settings the guys next door gave you.

Then on internal interface use your internal lan settings. Such as (this will be the IP of firewall) and mask.

Then on your network give everyone the gateway of

you could do the same with a simple router though as well.


I would suggest a connection from their router to your router and set up a VPN for your office. This will assure their security as well as yours. A cross over cable is not applicable running from a switch to a router. I hope this helps...Booda2us
elmoredanielAuthor Commented:
1. What kind of router do you recommend for our end?

2. But I would need a crossover cable to go from a router to a router correct?

3. Could the VPN just be that we block traffic from any local IP address that isn't in our netblock?

Thank you sir
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How big will your VPN be? A D-Link DFL-700 for about $400.00 is both firewall and  router. However there are lots of options, Linksys, USRobotics, Sonicwall, etc. Another option would be setting up a Peer-to-Peer network, if you have a small office, and simply using one PC as the server....Booda2us
Booda2usConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hook up a regular connection between the routers and if the lights don't come on try a crossover cable(most of the newer routers don't need a crossover cable)....Booda2us

publicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>3. Could the VPN just be that we block traffic from any local IP address that isn't in our netblock?

T1 normally comes with a router managed by the ISP.
You need to review the service contract to see if there are any restrictions, and if the router will pass your VPN traffic.
Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
the problem with alot of these comments are money. most are too expencive to be worrying about a T1 line. lets look at the numbers

T1 cost (couple hundred/month)
upstreem = 1.5mbps
downstreem = 1.5mbps

DSL cost (about 12$/month)
upstreem = 128k
downstreem = 1.5-9mbps (9mbps dsl runs around 80$/month)

so basicly the primary advantages of useing a T1 instead of a DSL connection is upstreem capability and potential down time. if alot of people are trying to access your servers remoatly then dsl issnt an option. dsl may also have frequent outage periods and maintnance where as a T1 is almost always running.

basicly what im saying is based on the overall needs of the company it may just be easier to get your own dsl connection and surf off of that. i have seen small bussiness aroun 30 or so employees successfully use dsl for this purpse.
my comment is really cheap. You just piggy back off your neighbour

Justin MaloneSystem AdministratorCommented:
i  agree piggy backing is probably the cheepest

only thing that would make this not a good idea is if security is an issue.
Its fine if you use a firewall. In fact ist prabably more secure than having your own internet connection. Only problem with it, is if you want a a SMTP feed or point any external services in, such as a web server, you are going to have problems.

Your neighbour would have to get through your firewall to look at your network you see.

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