Blackberry 7130 not "initializing" on BB server.

Probably a simple question, however a little expertice is appreciated.
I have a user who recieved a BB  phone (Verizon) from another user.
New user would like to be set up on BB server for emails, etc.
Phone was set up on BB (BES 3.6) server with another user, I have reset phone, installed desktop software on computer and synced with Outlook. Old user removed from BB server and new user added, however the problem is that the server says it's "initializing" and never gets past that point. Have re-added a couple of times, no change. Does the new user need to do the Enterpise activation on his phone? If so I don't know how to add the password required with this step. If possible, a brief step by step instruction set of the correct set up procedures for the situation I explained.
Thanks much, Dan
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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
It seems your BES server hasn't got the latest service packs that allow the wireless activation.  When the user returns with the phone connect it directly to your BES server via a USB cable, then go into the BlackBerry Enterprise Server program group (i.e Start > Programs etc..) and select "BlackBerry Handheld Configuration Tool".  Once you open this tool you should see your BB devices PIN under the Ports tab (Also listed as USB).  All you need to do now is select the user from the handhelds tab and then select "Assign handheld to user".  This will activate the phone under the required user.  Make sure you don't disconnect the device until the Enterprise Activation icon has disappeared or you see it reach 100% progress.
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
1. Message on server
The "initializing" line is there by default after you add a user; it should really say "ready for activation".  

2. Enterprise Activation
Depending on the version of BES 3.6 you can activate wirelessly by double clicking on the user (or right mouse click then properties) within the BES server,  Then will bring up a properties windows which has  set activation password on the first screen.  Then you can go into enterprise activation on the phone and enter the email address and password.

3. Activating via Desktop Manager
All you should need to do is open Desktop Manager on the desktop and ensure the device manager has detected the device.  In Blackberry Desktop manager (logged on as the user) you can go to Options and Connection Settings and make sure USB-PIN:<DEVICE PIN> is selected.  Once you have done this it should prompt you to create a new encryption key by moving you mouse around the screen.  After this is done (sometimes it may take a few minutes) you will see the enterprise activation icon change to Progress 0% and then the percentage will increase until the activation is complete.  
MayordanAuthor Commented:
Thanks GT,

I did the steps you outlined in #3 initially, created the key, etc but didn't see anything in regards to ent activation, at that time he was not created on the BES server yet. I just logged onto the bes server and I don't have the option to set activation password on the first screen, there is just s refresh button and a field that says the pin=unassigned and initializing.
Currently the user is off-site and has tried to do the ent act. OTA but I don't have a password to give him. At this point is there any way to get email redirection working? or any suggestions? I did send a message to the handheld through bes but it is in the pending state since i guess there is no communication between the two. I would be willing to start all over if we could get this working remotely.
Thank you. D
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MayordanAuthor Commented:
OK thanks GC, I'll try this Friday and get back to you.
MayordanAuthor Commented:
One comment, I don't seem to have the BlackBerry Handheld Configuration Tool as you mentioned, is this something that wasn't installed initially with BES?
Gary CutriData & Communications SpecialistCommented:
I would recommend that you upgrade your BES 3.6 to Service Pack 7, or alternately I would consider downloading BES Express 4.1 ( (if you have less than 15 users) which comes with 1 free CAL and your BES 3.6 CAL can then be loaded into this new version (also if it is less than 15).  With the newest version activations are extremly simple.

MayordanAuthor Commented:
OK, basically started over, wiped handheld, removed user from BES server, re-istalled DM on PC, installed SP7 on BES. Went through the steps as usual, except activated phone via DM and it worked as it should have the first time. Please award garycutri the points as his suggestions helped me to better understand and resolve the issue.

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