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Hi, I currently rank OK in the local area but I want to expand to national with keywords web design company.  I have a strong PR 5 and I think it might be possible with some help.  Or if you know another set of keywords that I might be able to use that will increase my traffic please let me know.  I just had a son and I need to make more mula fast :)
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jbrashear72Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Not a problem but not the best practice anymore.
Link trading companies are loosing their worth...
yes the thousandsof links are all one way links..
But that is where your trading an article comes in. It is  better due to the fact that it is a link from their site that is near revelent content.
Worth a lot more.
If you see 1000's of links 9 times out of ten they are just getting links. They are taking a risk.
Blogs can be very SEO Frendly. I use them all the time.
as far as using Wordpress you can do a mod rewrite rule so that your article/blog urls are unique and loog clean.
I would say that
are your best bets. I love them and have many friends that Moderate on them such as William Rock and Aaron Wall.

Hey this is based on your other question right?

PR5 in google is good. but we are now more concerned with pages indexed and google rather than the PR.
I know a few sites that have great PR and not really indexed in the SERPS.

So lets look at what you have so far-
you main keywords that I can see are:
web Design 6.27 %
that is good but you compatetion for this phrase is crazy.
you are wanting to rank for:
charleston south carolina web design
south carolina web design

Web Desigh repeats 31 times. you have it in your
Meta Description
Meta Keyword
Heading tag
a link
Alt tag

These are all great places but the amount that it apears is a bit over kill.

Here is what I see:
Title tag : Web design in Charleston South Carolina Pensacola FL  <--- This is good it is fluid

Meta Keyword tag : Charleston Web Design South Carolina development hosting web design in Charleston Charleston web design SC Charleston Web design service Low Country Carolina SC Summerville ASP hosting VPASP ecommerce website designers Web design service Goose Creek Monks Corner Mt Pleasant Hilton Head James Island Folly Beach website design web web design internet web sites design studio firm web designers advertising marketing graphic design graphic design portfolio logos web graphics logos art brand identity South Carolina interactive multimedia media streaming media building web sites interactive presentations web hosting creative brand development company gif animations advertising digital art macromedia flash production wireless application protocol online education internet marketing website computers multi media animation web development streaming video WAP hosting web page design streaming audio search engine placement electronic wap page design creative services graphics graphic design designer graphic design corporate identity corporate design ads banners

This is over kill way to many keywords. web Design, and Design repeat way to many times.
This is a flag in google.

Meta Description tag : Web design Charleston South Carolina – Website Design and Website Development We develope websites for businesses all over the USA but we will meet with you if you live in or around Charleston SC Summerville Goose Creek Hanahan and the rest of the Lowcountry Call today for your free estimate

Not bad but this is all that shows in Google:
Web design Charleston, South Carolina – Website Design and Website Development. We develope websites for businesses all over the USA but we will meet with ...
I would try to cut this down to fit total 157 Charters long.

88 Outgoing Links
Internal Links 83, External Links 5, Internal/External Ratio 16.60
This is the worst I have found. Is it nessarry to have that many out bound links?
the less the better.

Now looking in google you have have 125 site links that looks great.
you are mixing up your keywords in the titles that is good use.

what low hanging fruit have you tried to go for?
i.e. rather than the larger keywords meaning that the result set is huge in Google what keywords would you be willing to go for that are lower in result sets.
you can build up trust with Google by starting with the lower Hanging fruit and work your way up to the major key phrases.

Again not be to concerned about your PR at this point. You should care more about your pages being indexed and are coming up for your key phrases.
That will get your traffic.
They you need to look at conversion.

Does this help?

Webman04Author Commented:
Hi, well I have considered going after the keywords: web design company as this has quite a lot of traffic according to  I have been building target pages for certain areas such as Pensacola and so on and they are doing well but the traffic is not good for these keywords.  I want to get some serious traffic and I think to do that I need to get listed high with something like:

web design firm, web design service, web design company or something close to that.  They have lots of traffic but also have lots of competitors.  I think I have a chance though as I have lots of pages, links and a high PR.  What do you think I should target and why?

Thanks for your detailed help :)
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yep those are the big dogs in your nitch:
web design company
web design firm
web design service

Well for these key phrases you need to see what you compeditors are doing.

run you query inGoogle for each phrase we will use these three as your test.

see what the top thre positions are in the results.
whats in the title whats the dynsity of the keyphrase. look at there meta data.

then check to see if who is linking to them in Google: Google query:
do they have a strong link set in google? or MSN?
how many pages do they have indexed: Google query:

You can rank for about three keywords per page thats reall about it. so lets say that you want you index page to rank for those top three that you mentioned.
do you research on those top 9 from the 3 Google querys.
try to mimic their onpage optimazation as much as you can, they are setting the standard for that phrase in your nitch.
then here is the kicker. Become the expert on this subject. Google loves content. start writing content about this nitch.
have them in your site and write the content well. Please what ever you do, do not copy someone elses writings as you will trip a dup content filter in Google.
You need it to be original content. That is really what Google is looking for. On those pages "these three topics" write 1 for each.
also write an article about your nitch and get another website owner to post this.
In return say if you have an article I will post it off my site.
Article trade is awesome.. Did I say Asesome? I mean it. it is way better than link trading.
in your article your keyphrases will be in the content naturally.
at the end of the article have one last sentence with the main keyphrase in it but that one and only that one is a hyper link back to your index page.

as you start creating other articles and are going after oter key phrases you may want your links point back to your sub pages and not the index. This is a natural attempt to
become an authority about you area.

Be warned, stay way from article trade sites. That is a fast way to get noticed by google and placed in a bad neighborhood.
Also link trading is right out.
Business Blogging, bolt a blog onto your site, wordpress is free and easy and this will allow you to organicly build content on your site.

Hope that I was a help to you.
Webman04Author Commented:
So link trading is out?  I build sites and then I put a link at the bottom of their site pointing to mine, is this a problem?  Also, I noticed that all of the high ranking sites trade links and they have thousands of links pointing at their site.  Do you think they are writing articles or are they just taking a risk with a link exchange program?  Also, are blogs seo friendly?  What about forums?

You are helping me but I need to know any fine details such as this to adequetly make use of your info.

Webman04Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help.
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