Windows Server 2003 Active Directory not available on domain controller after power failure

Windows Server 2003 (Small Business), all current patches applied
Server is domain controller for small business network.

Recent tornado and high wind events caused sudden power failure on the server.  When restarted, the server would hang at "applying computer settings".  Experts-Exchange information (from existing "server hangs... computer settings") told us to start the server in safe mode, disable all MS Exchange services, etc.  This enabled us to start the server quickly.  (EE suggestions to disable APC PowerChute did not apply, PowerChute is not installed on this server.)

Now that the server is up and running, we can not manually start MS Exchange services.  Further investigation shows that Active Directory Users and Computers only shows saved queries, and we are not connected to the domain.  Attempting to connect to the domain prod.local produces the Active Directory error "Windows cannot connect to the new domain because:  The logon attempt failed".  

Event log errors indicated data corruption on drive C:, running chkdsk on drives C: and D: fixed indexes, recovered orphan files, etc.  A second chkdsk pass showed no errors.

Everything appears to be working well, except for Active Directory.  This server is the only domain controller.  How do we get AD working again?
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Kini pradeepConnect With a Mentor Principal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
can you check the senetworklogon in the gpttmpl file.
Kini pradeepConnect With a Mentor Principal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
hey did you try running Dcdiag /v first to check whats wrong with the Directory services ?
also post any events or errors.
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
Attempted to run "dcdiag /v" but received error message:

Windows cannot find'dcdiag'.  Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.
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Kini pradeepConnect With a Mentor Principal Cloud and security consultantCommented:
probably you need to install support tools. its in the win2k3 Cd.
install them and run dcdiag.
Jay_Jay70Connect With a Mentor Commented:
what happens if you try and access AD?
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
(responding to "what happens if you try and access AD?")

Attempting to start Active Directory Domains and Trusts, error:
   The configuration information describing this enterprise is not available.  The login attempt failed.

Attempting to start Active Directory Sites and Services:
   Naming information cannot be located because:  The login attempt failed  Contact your system administrator to verify that your domain is properly configured and is currently online.

(same error as above, when attempting to start Active Directory Users and Computers)

Event log shows:
ID 1168     Internal error:  An Active Directory Error has occurred.
                Additional data  error value 1053

ID 1913     Internal error:  The Active Directory backup and restore operation encountered an unexpected error.  
                Backup or restore will not succeed until this is corrected
                Additional data  Error value 1084

ID 1238     Internal error:  Active Directory was unable to initialize network connections for incoming LDAP requests
                Additional data  Error value 0

ID 1168     Internal error:  An Active Directory error has occurred
                Additional data  Error value (decimal):  -1073741823

NOTE:  The original NIC in this machine was not working reliably, so a second NIC was installed with the same settings (and we disabled the original NIC).
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
Support Tools were installed, we tried to run "dcdiag /v" but received an error saying "LDAP bind failed with error 1323", "unable to update the password".

ran "dcdiag /u:username /p:password /v" same error.

Any attempt to connect to the domain (on the domain controller) failes the LDAP password authentication.  What are our options?
sorry about late response.....status still the same as above?
4RunnerBobAuthor Commented:
Thanks to kprad and Jay_Jay70 for helping lead us in the right direction.  We ended up contacting Microsoft tech support, who worked for about seven hours to help us correct the problem.
no problem mate, glad all is well
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