Unable to connect to VPN via G3

I am trying to connect to our corporate VPN using Cisco VPN Dialer on a laptop with a Vodafone Mobile Connect G3 Card.  The connection works fine when using a normal broadband connection, however when using the G3 connection I can’t connect    

The connection history reads as follows

“initializing connection
Contacting the gateway at (ip address)    (this lasts for about a minute)
Remote Peer is no longer responding”

Does anyone know if we need to have a GPRS Inspection License on the Pix for this to work? or does anyone have any other ideas that the problem might be?

Many thanks for any assistance
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GhostModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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Dont know about your country. But in my country I have to phone my cellular service provider tell them that I want vpn to be opened on that 3g card and you will have to give them your number and details. By default they have VPN blocked on the network side. Contact them and let me know.

Kind Regads,

Johan Van Zyl
Check the IP address being assigned to the 3G card when connected to the Internet, you may find it starts 10.x.x.x if it does then check the network you are trying to VPN to, if it too starts 10.x.x.x then that may well be the problem.

Only answer if they do match is to change one of the subnets, esentially this would mean changing the network you are VPNing too.
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BirdsempleAuthor Commented:
I will check with Vodafone, however their G3 card does say it supports VPN so I assume this should be opened by default.  

The network I am trying to connect to starts 62.x.x.x I will check to see what IP address the card has but don't think that is the problem.  Checking the logs on the Pix it doesn't even look as though the card is trying to connect, although the internet works fine.  
BirdsempleAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.  As it turns out our Pix Software will need to be updated before we can use the 3G Card to connect to it.
BirdsempleAuthor Commented:
Just in case anyone else has the same problem I thought it might be helpful to post this advice from Cisco/Vodafone

Cisco PIX VPN Configuration Guide

Cisco advises the following PIX configuration for use with data cards.
A couple of points to note:
> Upgrade Client – Client version should be 4.01 (or above)
> Upgrade PIX – PIX version should be 6.3 (or above)
> Use MyLAN APN – Internet APN has some difficulty with the PIX.
STOP All VPN’s going to the server, then add the following settings in order. Finally, restart everything back
NOTE: Downside is the VPN server note being able to allow clients during procedure.
On the PIX config. set the following:
(Do this if you have crypto maps enabled – these commands will disable VPN connections).
(Do this if you have crypto maps enabled)
On the client:

Anyone trying to use a G3 Datacard will also need to have a Firewall and client that supports UDP/TCP encapsulation as well as Nat-Traversal. The firewall will also need ports 500 and protocol 50 & 51 open.
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