RPC/HTTPS Netbios names different from FQDN

I would like to build an exchange server running RPC/HTTPS, I would like to have the Netbios name different from the FQDN. Are there any settings or issues I should be aware of before embarking on this project. I have looked at the KB articles and Petri.co.il for support issues, it looks pretty straight forward. Any missing links in the articles??

Single Server just incase you are wondering,  and I wll not be purchasing a certificate, or should I?

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Michael SConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can create a certificate by using your own CA in server 2003.  However, I've found it can be a much more pleasant experience using an SSL certificate from a Trusted Root Authority.  You can download a temporary one at www.rapidssl.com.

It is recommended that you use a different FQDN for your external IP resolution.  You can name your domain name.local and have your external FQDN as office.differentname.com if you choose.  Just make sure you have SSL forwarded in your firewall.

If you are referring to the article I think you are referring to, no.  But if it is the other one, then we may have to chat.

Please post the link to the article so that I can make sure.

rabdullahAuthor Commented:
Just to verify, I have a different Netbios Name from my computer name I downloaded the cert , how does this affect my rpcproxy registry entry assuming my comp name is= apprnet;   netbios name is appr and domain name is digiview.com
rabdullahAuthor Commented:
ignore the cert bit of the question above, I have already signed up thru rapid ssl
Michael SCommented:

That should help you with what registry entries need to be added, if any.
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