Photoshop Filebrowser really slow


One thing that I find annoying in Photoshop CS is the 'speed' of the Filebrowser. If there would be another application to preview psd files in a folder I would use it.
Is there any way to speed this thing up?
With a 3.2 GHz CPU, 1024MB RAM I cannot believe that I have to wait so long for even scrolling to a folder.

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Maybe you can use windows explorer?

"I finally found the fix when looking around a Windows 2000 support forum, although the problem isn't relative to Windows itself. It seems that if you have a fresh install of Photoshop CS (versus an update), you lose a particular DLL file named psicon.dll (why Photoshop chose to remove this feature doesn't make sense). You can download the DLL file from:

And then place the DLL in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Shell\ and it should start previewing again. For some odd reason, I noticed that I didn't have a shell folder in that Adobe folder, but I did in my backup folder, so I just copied the shell folder for 6.0 in my backup to the new area. And now I can see my PSD files like normal again. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem."

full post here:

dont know if this will help ya at all...
SumukhaAuthor Commented:

Thanks, but I see the psd files, no problem.

Just browsing through folders with psd files is very slow.

David BruggeCommented:
One annoying aspect of using the file browser is Photoshop has to build a cache of thumbnails and metadata for each folder. This can take an aggravatingly long time, there is no way of bailing out or stopping the cache short of leaving the folder and returning later (when it will start caching again) and you can’t do anything while it is in the middle of a file!

Here is a good tutorial on how to set your file browser preferences so that things don’t slow to a crawl:

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SumukhaAuthor Commented:

that already did quite a bit for me. Do you know if this issue has been (partly) fixed in CS2?

David BruggeCommented:
Thanks for the grade.

The psicon.dll problem refers to seeing a preview of the image in the windows browser. When you save a photoshop psd file, you have a checkbox on the "save as" dialogue box that says "thumbnail." With this checked, the photoshop icon would be replaced with a thumbnail of your image, and when you select a psd file in windows explorer a thumbnail version of the image would show in the info box.
Photoshop uses psicon.dll to make these thumbnails. For some reason that Adobe has never stated, they stopped shipping the psicon.dll with the CS versions. Talk on the web says that it was causing problems, but Adobe doesn't apologize and they don't explain. They only acknowledge that it is not there:

As for the "issue" being fixed, I'm not sure that Adobe sees it as an issue. With CS and CSII they started pushing Photo Bridge as a file browsing alternative, although it is much more buggy and making a lot of power users angry. No one knows what direction the next version will take.
SumukhaAuthor Commented:
For whatever reason this does not work on my machine. I see a greyed out but checked 'Save as Thumbnail' in the dialog box, but still the psd icon shows, even after copying the psicon.dll into the shell folder and restarting...
David BruggeCommented:
> For whatever reason this does not work on my machine.

I'll bet you are using CS or CS2 and what's more, I'll bet that if you do a search of your computer, you will not find a copy of psicon.dll
SumukhaAuthor Commented:
I used the suggestion above from Rookie and downloaded it...
David BruggeCommented:
Okay, no taking back points because this is technically an new q
David BruggeCommented:
Okay, no taking back points because this is technically an new question. I goofed and didn't research my second answer thourally.

Use this link to get your thumbnails back, but read the warning first!
David BruggeCommented:
BTW, I do have problems with my computer at work leaving files and folders open after I have closed them in Photoshop. I have to reboot the machine in order to rename a file or throw it away.

(I use Windows NT at work, No problems with my win 2K system at home.)

I don't know if it is related to the problems with psicon.dll but I will be looking into it.
David BruggeCommented:
Update (sorry for all of the emails that these posts are generating)
I used the above downloads, placed the dlls in their proper folders, ran the registry updates, and nothing happened. I rebooted and again, nothing. I too have the grayed out thumbnail check box and no preview icons.

I'll go ahead and post it as a question and we will see if some other experts have insight
SumukhaAuthor Commented:
Let me know the thread...

By the way, the disabling of thumbnail views in that article relate to windows explorer, correct?
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