Recipient receives blank phone message

Using Lotus Notes R6.5.4 - have a sender that utilizes Phone Message quite frequently.  Unfortunately she's received a lot of complaints that her messages are coming through blank, any ideas?  I have confirmed that she is filling them out prior to sending :)

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If it's the message part of the Phone Message form, then the field is encrypted,  and so notes might be hiding the message from non-notes users, or those not explicitly named in the SendTo, CopyTo and BCC field.

Look up encryption in Notes Help.  You can identify encrypted fields by the RED brackets.  Also, when someone opens the document and it is not intended for them, Notes usually pops up a message saying the document is encrypted and not intended for you. ...

Does this help?
jfahernAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the information, but the recipient are Notes users...  Any other suggestions?  This appears to be happening to 2 different users.  Thanks!
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excellent, partha.
Marilyng, thx .We had this problem sometime back.. It's pretty common, it should have been a hot fix rather than asking users to upgrade to next version

jfahernAuthor Commented:
Thanks so much!  The users will have to wait until we upgrade!
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