MSFP - GAL & Provisoning Policy

I've just managed to sucesfully perform a remote wipe on a stolen Treo700w.
Great , but now I need to know how we can take advantage of some of the other much lauded features of the MSFP.
How/Where do I enable device PIN requirments ?
How/ Where do I configure the local wipe after x number of password attempts
How/Where do I configure the GAL lookup features ?

Can I get specifics/links/screenshots  please , it took me an hour to find the MobileAdmin plugin, Brain is on a go slow today.

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mvvinodConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First you have to configure those on the ESM under Mobile Services in Global Settings.
Secondly, those only work on compatible phones. I think all phones running windows mobile 5 are compatible for these options...But make sure it is a supported device...

ConchialAuthor Commented:
Thanks Vinod, that's just what I was looking for.
ConchialAuthor Commented:
Waht about the GAL lookup ?
There is no setting to enable GAL lookup. If you are using mobile phones which are compatible GAL lookup should work by itself...

Try that and let me know..
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