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Have to type /exchange on OWA outside LAN

Hi guys,

Just a quick question really. I know in IIS you can configure your Default Directory so you dont have to type /exchange after your owa domain name.

We have a domain https://mail.domainname.com ive pointed towards the public IP address which is pointing towards our Front end Server.

I configured the home directory so users would not have to type in /exchange and it works for inside the LAN, but when I got home last nite I had to type in


...to get to OWA.

Is there anything different you have to do to set it so you dont have to type in /exchange after your DNS name over the internet ?  
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1 Solution
BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Ive changed the home directory in IIS...

* A redirection to URL

Specified https://frontendserver/exchange

and selected A directory below URL entered.
This article should help you: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/555053/en-us
BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Thanks, although its not working.

Im not fussed about users having to type in https, its just the /exchange bit I want them to not have to type in.

Mite sound abit silly but, Port 80 is not open on our firewall, so do I have to change the port to SSL 443 ?, What do I put in "server_name" ? mail.domainname.com or the internal DNS name of the front end server ?

     If Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_PORT")=80 Then
         Dim strSecureURL
         strSecureURL = "https://"
         strSecureURL = strSecureURL & Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")
         strSecureURL = strSecureURL & "/exchange"
         Response.Redirect strSecureURL
     End If
BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Ive fixed it by creating a redirect script.
BarkersITAuthor Commented:
Ill give you the points anyway as what youve pointed me in the direction of could be usefull for the future.

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