using URL.openConnection

I need to set the contentType on the URLConnection.
I am opening a connection to a servlet, writing a binary to that open stream and closing it. This binary could be an powerpoint, word document or pdf file.
I need to be able to set the request type how can this be done as there is no setContentType method on the class URLConnection.

Thanks in advance
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Use the setRequestProperty:

urlConn.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");


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use these content types

inzaghiAuthor Commented:
I cannot seem to invoke the doPost method of the servlet. the doGet works fine.If i Use the following code

URL obj = new URL(url);
URLConnection  connection = obj.openConnection();
connection.setRequestProperty("Content-Type", type);
// write to stream
// flush stream
///close stream

I have placed some System.out in the doPost but it is not gettign invoked. Any idea?
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>Any idea?  
Did you try adding a setDoInput and  receiving some kind of response from the servlet(maybe just a String like "thanks I got it").
when you call a servlet from a browser, the browser will take care of ur HTTP Request
Since you are calling a servlet from your program, you should write the HTTP request by yourself.

thats why doPost is not getting invoked.,
setDoInput is by default true but as rrz@871311 said, its important to get connection's InputStream and even if you dont want to read anything, it must be closed

inzaghi why exactly didn't I get some points? The link I posted contains *exactly* the information provided by other experts.
I object. I thought  hoomanv and myself were helpful in pointing out the problem(in my opinion it was the lack of accepting a response from the server).
What does inzaghi say the solved his problem ?
Thank you GhostMod I appreciate it :)
inzaghiAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys for not distributing points appropiateley
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