Cisco Catalyst 4006 Modules Questions

I was wondering if somebody could answer a quick simple question for me.

Does a Catylst 4006 with SupII support the installation of more than one WS-X4232-L3 module?

That's the module that adds 32 10/100 ports, 2 GBIC ports and adds Layer 3 switching to the entire switch.

I was wondering because as cheap as the 4232-L3 modules seem to go on eBay, it seems the quickest/cheapest way to populate my chassis with ports.
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Rick HobbsConnect With a Mentor RETIREDCommented:
Unfortunately, the 4006 will support up to 5 switching modules or 4 switching modules with 1 routing module max.  I tried two routing modules and the second one shows "fail"  when I did a show modules
hi there

You may or may not have already seen the spec sheet on the 4006:

I have one at one site with a 4232 module but the remaining blades are ports only.  I could not find any documentation indicating one way or the other - its modular blades so by rights it should support it, but it also mentions that it reserves 1 module for a SUP so maybe it won't take it.
If I were you, I'd contact Cisco TAC with the query - bearing in mind that both devices are now EOL and support will be hard found.

You may get lucky and someone will have tried what you are proposing and post but I'd look to Cisco for a direct answer

CCongdonAuthor Commented:
The SUP is the Supervisor module. I have a X4303 Supervisor 2 module that has 2 GBIC slots in it installed in this switch. The X4232 is just simply one of the blades. I was just wondering if the fact that it adds the Layer 3 capabilities to the entire switch was something that would prohibit more than one of this module from being installed in the chassis. I've gone through a lot of the documentation on it and can't find an answer one way or the other.

For an EOL model, this unit sells well on eBay....especially if it has Gigabit modules installed. I was bidding on one that had a 48 port 1000bT module, SupII, 3x Power Supplies, X4232-RJ-GB (The newere version of the X4232-L3) and a 6 port GBIC module. It wound up selling for $3100. Of course, where would you find a 48-port 1000bT Cisco switch on eBay for that much? Of course, the backplane on the thing limits you from fully utilizing every port at 1000bT, but stil, it is a good switch IMO. I run a small web-hosting company and I plan on setting this up as the only switch in our building. It should handle what I need it to do pretty well for an EOL unit.

I just need to get the blades populated. The 48 port 10/100 blades go for about as much as I bought the chassis & supervisor for.
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Sorry - I was reading that fast and somehow picked the 4232 L3 blade as a SUP engine!
According to the doc above - its modular design would lend you to think that you could add an extra 4232 - i guess the reason its so hard to find documentation one way or the other is because at the time it would not make sense for someone to put in an expensive L3 module simply to add port density.  But 4232s are going to be much easier to find on Ebay these days than the switchport blades.  
CCongdonAuthor Commented:
The sad part is that even the 6 port GBIC module goes for a lot of money and I could buy 3 of the 4232-L3 modules for about the same amount and get the 6 GBICs and an additional 96 Fast Ethernet ports to boot. I just want to find out if it can or can't be done before I start dropping a couple hundred each on the 4232s or if I should just save up for a single GBIC blade.
CCongdonAuthor Commented:
Well, that sounds like the information I was looking for. I sort of had a feeling that's the way it would go.

However, I wonder...I notice the 'brain' part of the X4232-L3 is a daughter-board. At least, I'm assuming this board is the brain since the management ports are on it. If you remove this daughter board, does that lobotomize the card down to a X4232-GB-RJ or does it just shut down the entire card as non-functional?
Rick HobbsRETIREDCommented:
That I don't know.  If you are feeling adventurous, try it.  I don't want to take a chance and damage a module.
CCongdonAuthor Commented:
Well, I just got my switch in from eBay with the L3 module, so I might try it and see what happens. Anyways, thanks for the info!
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