DHCP and WINS on the same server

Can someone give me reasons not to host DHCP and WINS on the same member server.    I've been told this will cause browser election nightmares.
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gbirkemeierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I agree with NYtechGuy. I do it all the time, no problem.

jhance: WINS becomes neccesary when you run a VPN, or like you said old operating systems.
Are you sure you even need WINS?  This is a legacy protocol that is only needed if you have older client workstations that run NT4 or Win9x.

I've *never* heard something like that, and have been setting up DHCP/WINS/DNS on the same server for years (well, I guess since Win2K server debuted)

I've never had a browsing issue.  

How big of a network are we talking?


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GlobalFaxAuthor Commented:
2000 workstations
250 servers
W2K Active Directory but we still use WINS for legacy applications.    We have 4 domain controllers seving only as DCs and DNS.   Currenlty have two WINS servers in the entire domain spread across 80+ sites in the WAN.  Each location has a DHCP server and all has worked like a champ.  At my central location I want to consolidate the DHCP server and the WINS server.   I've been told that there may be issues with WINS and DHCP on the same server.

The link below is one place I found of possible issues.

i have both dhcp and wins on the same server for about 2and 1/2 years now, i haven had any issues like that
skags442Connect With a Mentor Commented:
and if youu think about it, 2003 small busniss server is an all in one server so to say, 2003 standerd is the same but without the limitations
NYtechGuyConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I would suggest disabling the ability of workstations from becoming master browsers, but have not associated that with the location of DNS/WINS/DHCP servers.  That occurs anyway in flat, 1 subnet LANs.

mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
actually its still recommended by MS that you use a wins server if you are running exchange 2000/2003 (which most windows networks run)


But i will agree with the others,, there is no issue with running wins and DHCP on the same server.
Steve KnightConnect With a Mentor IT ConsultancyCommented:
[Me to]  Been running WINS and DHCP together since at least NT 3.51 when the powerful 386 server machine had to do everything for an enterprise!!
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