Monitoring and Reporting will not Setup with Wizard after uninstall / reinstall

We're having trouble with Monitoring & Reporting.  A while back, we were attempting to resolve an issue with Backup & Monitoring and Reporting not appearing within Server Management.  In an attempt to fix the problem, we uninstalled and reinstalled Monitoring and Reporting...

In a previous thread we resolved the original issue to be based around some changes I made to Host Header Values with IIS.  All of changes have been reverted and rearranging IIS fixed Backup.  However, ever since the reinstall we have not been able to successfully setup Monitoring and Reporting.  Every time we run the wizard, all 4 steps fail with the message "An error occured while running the wizard."

There were no error messages on the reinstall.

Any thoughts?

Thank you!
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dhoustonieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Actually just found this link for youto Susan Bradley's blog:

 1. Control Panel -> Add Remove Program -> Windows Small Business Server 2003.
Set Server Tools to Maintenance. Set Monitoring to Uninstall and continue the setup process.
2. Control Panel -> Add Remove Program -> SBSMONITORING -> Remove.
3. Rename the C:\program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL$SBSMONITORING Folder.
4. Reboot the server.
5. Control Panel -> Add Remove Program -> Windows Small Business Server 2003.
Set Server Tools to Maintenance. Set Monitoring to Install and continue the setup process.
6. Reboot the server.
8. In Server Management Console -> Monitoring and Reporting: run the "Set Up Monitoring Reports and Alerts wizard”

Jeffrey Kane - TechSoEasyPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
If you've already installed Service Pack 1 on your server, then after doing steps 1-7 above you need to reapply SBS SP1 (just that module of the complete Service Pack 1).

CompTechNSAuthor Commented:
Looks promising...

Give me a couple days, I have to do this kind of stuff after hours since it causes so much down time so we might not get to it until this weekend.  I will let you know how it goes as soon as I can.

Thank you!
CompTechNSAuthor Commented:
Just wanted to give a heads up.  Things got hectic and this ended up being pushed to the back of the list...  Please don't think I've abandoned - I will post as soon as I have some results.

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