Ensuring Read/Delivery Receipts in Exchange 2003


What's the best way to receive/configure read/delivery receipts in an Exchange 2003 environment?  my company sends out important materials to clients and we want evidence that the emails are received/delivered to the client for legal reasons...help?!?!?
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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Anything that you try and put in to an email message will be flagged as spam. Spammers try to do the same thing - they want to know if their message is being read. So any kind of beacon or other embedded content will simply make your messages get flagged as spam.

Once the message hits the internet, you are down to the lowest common denominator - and there is nothing in the SMTP standard other than the current read/delivery receipt.

If it is legal and you need to know it has got there, then you will have to use old fashioned snail mail - but even signed for deliveries do not guarantee that they have been read.


U can do that through your outlook client , compose  a new message then click on options from above , and u can find the delivery and read receipt for that mesage from there .

Tell your users to select that option before they send any mail to your clients .

amaheshwariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
From the Tools menu, select Options.
Under the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options.
Click Tracking Options.
Check the box labeled Read Receipts under For all messages I send, request and then click OK. If you would also like to be notified of delivery of the e-mail message, check the Delivery Receipts box.
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Above solution is for outlook client.
You force them on using group policy.
However, their behaviour on the internet cannot be guaranteed. You send an email to me with a read receipt request attached, you will not get one back. Many spam filters block them as well, as spammers use them to verify if the address is live or not.

jetli87Author Commented:
Well i was aware of the option in outlook, but as Sembee stated, i couldn't generate a 90-100% way of getting delivery/read receipts when sending through the internet.  So i my apologies, I should rephase my question by asking is there a configuration or 3rd party software that enables a reliable delivery/read receipts to be return to the sender when sending to the internet?
jetli87Author Commented:
i see, thanks for the help.
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