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How do I disable the BCC in exchange 2003? I dont want my users to be able to send Bcc emails.

Is there are way, in Exchange 2003 that I can disable the Bcc field and NOT allow my users to be able to send email using Bcc?  If there is not a direct way to do it, is there some kind of work around?   Thank you.  
1 Solution
As far as I am aware it cannot be disabled and there is no work around.

If you don't want users to send BCC emails then that message needs to come down from top level management as a policy.

skbryanAuthor Commented:
I did a bunch of looking last night for a solution.  Here is some of the info that I found.

Problem & Suggested Solution:  I've read a number of articles that say we should use Reply-to-All very sparingly, so as to reduce the volume of unnecessary email people are getting. There are also those who try to discourage us from using the BCC feature, on moral grounds.

Although I agree with these noble reasons, I'd like to add another, much more practical reason why we need to be extra careful before using these features.

If you are a BCC recipient of a message, when you Reply-to-All, people will wonder how you got involved, and will realize that the original sender blind-copied you. This can be rather embarrassing for the original sender, who deliberately tried to hide the fact that you were copied. Who knows what can of political worms you are opening by doing this!

What about the other side of the coin? How can we blind-copy someone without risking exposure? Here's a much safer way:

Address the message in the normal way to the regular recipients, then enter your own address on the BCC line and send the message. When you receive your copy, forward it to your secret correspondent. Because your forwardee is the only recipient, s/he cannot inadvertently expose your "conspiracy" by misusing the Reply-to-All command.
10/6/2005 11:30:30 AM    How to disable BCC field in Outlook 2003 clients running on Exchange 2003 ?
 How to disable BCC field in Outlook 2003 clients running on Exchange 2003 ?  (make BCC field unvalible)
10/6/2005 5:33:03 PM    Re: How to disable BCC field in Outlook 2003 clients running on Exchange 2003 ?
 Possibly via a policy using the "Office 2003 Policy Template Files and  
 Deployment Planning Tools" in the Office 2003 Resource Kit  
 refer here:  
>I need to disable the ability to send BCC mail.  Is there a way to do this at
>the server level. If not is how do i disable it on the client side.  Your
>help is greatly apprciated.  Thanks

Reply: How can i disable BCC from the server level
Not really possible.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Re: How to disable BCC field in Outlook 2003 clients running on Exchange

from [Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]]
Subject: How to disable BCC field in Outlook 2003 clients running on Exchange 2003 ?
From:  "Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]" <suemvp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:  Mon, 21 Nov 2005 10:41:40 -0500
Newsgroups: microsoft.public.outlook

I don't think so. Even if you use the policy setting to block the Bcc menu
command, the user will still be able to add Bcc recipients through the address
book dialog.
Note:  I KNOW that this references 2000, but is this possible for 2003?  I didn't understand it.  . .

How to remove extra blind carbon copy (BCC) recipients on Exchange Server 2000

Previously, Exchange Server 2000 did not retain the blind carbon copy (BCC) details of journal messages. Microsoft has introduced a fix for the problem, which is included in the March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 3 Roll up (;en-us;813840). You can download this package from Microsoft's Support site.

There is, however, a side-effect which is known to result in the BCC line always containing all the recipient addresses. For example a message sent TO:UserA and CC:UserB gains a BCC line of UserA;UserB.

Enterprise Vault 4.0 CP1 and later can remove these extra recipient addresses from the BCC line when it archives the messages from the journal mailbox.

1.  Install the Microsoft March 2003 Exchange 2000 Server Post-Service Pack 3 Roll up from Microsoft.
2.  On the Exchange Server computer on which journaling is enabled, create the following registry key:


3.  Under the new Parameters key, create a DWORD registry value called JournalBCC with a value of 1.
4.  On the Enterprise Vault Journaling Service computer, create a DWORD registry value called StripFalseBCCs under the following key:


Give StripFalseBCCs a value of 1 to enable BCC removal. To disable BCC removal, give StripFalseBCCs a value of 0
5.  Restart the Journaling Service.

Go to Active Directory for Users & Computers,
go to your Domain's group policy and edit it.
User Config >> Administrative Templates >> microsoft outlook 2000 >>
Disable items in user interface >> Predefined >> POLICY "disable command bar buttons and menu items"

Then change the policy and enable everything but BCC field.

Guess we'll try this last solution.  I do know the work around of putting all the recipients in the CC field and putting your name in the TO field.  


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