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Is there a way to connect two internet modems to one high speed internet connection without buying another internet account?
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pseudocyberConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No.  What are you trying to achieve, more bandwidth without buying another connection?
ECNSSMTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I think usability of the second modem is definitely in question.  If it was powered on and attempts were made to use it; it would have more of a detrimental effect than a beneficial one; I don't think they have the ability to correct for collision on this level.  But having two modems on the same connection with one of them powered off is not an issue; if you are attempting to set up a like of a pseudo backup equipment that needs be only powered on; then its do-able.

No you can't!  As the ISP will only provide one external IP addr to one particular modem matching the MAC addr of that modem.  Some DSL carriers may allow you to purchase an additional static IP addr instead of adding another acct.
I was not thinking about the MAC address portion, but that is simply remedied by a call to the Internet provider to reset the account for a new DSL modem.
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