Exporting and importing contacts and mail groups

I want to export my contacts [and my mail groups of emails]   from one pc to another.
My mail client is Microsofr Outlook.
How can I do it?
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PC_RobConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you using Exchange server or storing your emails and contacts on your local computer?

If they are local, then you just need to copy or move your local .pst file that contains your folders, then open it on the other computer.

To find where your local .pst file lives, do the following in Outlook 2003:

Go to The TOOLS menu
Then to the MAIL SETUP tab
Then to the DATA FILES button

In the FILENAME column you will see where your PST is stored.  Go find that location using Windows Explorer, and copy that .pst file to your other computer.

Once you have it there, open Outlook on that computer, and go to FILE, then OPEN, then OUTLOOK DATA FILE.  Us the browse dialog box to find the .pst file you copied from the other computer.

This is the fastest, cleanest way to move the entire folder structure.  You could use the Export command, but it takes longer.

If you have Exchange, you should see your mail admin, but you should be able to open your mail folder from any computer you login to o nthe domain.

vage78Author Commented:
No I have not an exchange server.
What is the use of an exchange server in a company?

I have tryied to make export and import through an .xls file but it doesn't work correctly.
I can export and import the file everything works fine
except next to every email comes the following "SMTP" and follows  the "same " email ??
and something else the group of emails doesn't come when I importing the address book why?
If you want everything moved over, just follow the instructions I outlined above.

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