packet signing, which we don't support. Looking for a fix, not a workaround

Ok, the common workaround that people seem to have accepted as a 'fix' is disabling packet signing on the server. Now, if I were a user that was sitting at a single desk in a single company all the time, I might try and convince the sysop that it ain't such a bad idea.

However, I roam, my desk is whereever my work takes me and my apple is my office. Now the Apple tauts interoperabillity, and usually lives up to the claim. In this case however I am stumped. Samba3 supports packet signing, some of my colleagues use linux distro's on their laptops and connect without a sweat to the same machines that I get bounced off. So, Samba should be capable, OS X 10.4. are we at 6 alread? is not capable.

Now, to get back to my question, has anybody here the knowledge to fix this? Logically I would say manually updating Samba. I've tried using the samba3 package from darwinports, which installs fine, but how do I tell mount_smbfs to use the somewhat new(ish) samba 3.0.20b binary instead of the crippled and outdated 3.0.10 that comes packaged with OSX. Or do you have a different idea to crack this egg. (And no fiddling with the server, I can't be bothered to request someone to 'fix' their server every time I walk into a different company).

Your truly,

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BoffgroupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you're talking about the need to disable digital signing in group policy on a windows 2003 server so that the mac can connect there's no way round it without buying third party software

This will do the trick -

p.s. the reason I suggest this is you'll be opening up a world of pain by rolling your own samba
mreuringAuthor Commented:
What if I'm willing to suffer the consequences? Any tips on where to start? I've used fink or that-other-tool (forgot the name) to install a new sambaclient, but off course osx won't use it unless I try fiddling with it in Terminal.

Also I know how to make a samba build, at least on Suse and Redhat so I should be able to do it in OS X, and I'm willing to mess with one, but: I need to know if I can integrate that new build (assuming I can get it to work) with the rest of OS X. And I would just like to know how/where to start. I won't bother you with the consequences, this I promise! I'll throw in a disclaimer:
- I will not hold you responsible for any failure to boot my mac after hacking it.
- I will not bother you with my own samba build's failure to connect to 2003.
- I will not hold you responsible for my mac's failure to connect to any windows machine as a result of hacking it.
I just want to know where to start hacking a new samba build into it, that's all :) And if you wish I'll let you know wether I failed or succeeded in getting it to work.

If a linux box can do it, so must I ;) And if it really doesn't work, I have cloned my disk, I'll revert and I'll give DAVE a go :)
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ok - but before we start could you download the free trial of dave and see what happens
mreuringAuthor Commented:
NP, though it might take a while before I can get back to you on it. At the office I'm developing right now they've 'fixed' the problem by setting the group policy on the server as there's more Mac-users than just me. I won't be able to test dave until I get back home. From the site it seems they support packet signing as I quote "Providing SMB signing and Dfs support". Call me crazt but I'm just a little unwilling at this time to shell out another 120 dollars for something that should have been working in the first place.
mreuringAuthor Commented:
Sorry to have taken this long. DAVE works, though I still don't want to pay for something that I think oughta be available. However, googling around the net has thought me some more on this subject and as a result I think I might just have to leave things be.
It seems the capacity to mount smb/cifs shares is not something that samba was made for. Samba is the server implementation, it just happens to include the client binaries out of a courtesy. The actual kernel-extention seems to be part of the distribution though, not samba, but the os. So that would mean waiting for apple to supply us with an updated mount_smbfs. Which means shelling out money cause they won't likely update it on 10.4 :(
Oh well, for now I'll credit you for coming up with DAVE, as it seems to work and replacing binaries in the existing osx install might be a trifle too dangerous for most. I will most likely go ahead and try it anyway and if you want to know about my progress let me know and I will, in turn, keep you posted.

Martin out...
Glad things are working out - I'd love to hear back if you get things working your way (the right way!)
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