Frequency of photons

Do light photons oscillate?

If so, then what about when these bosons carry a force? For example, with the magnetic field (a gauge field), do the photons have a frequency?

For example, can we detect the photons of a magnetic field?
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There is always the Zeeman Effect:

Photons have a characteristic energy.  The energy corresponds to a light frequency.  
But I don't believe the photon actually oscillates.
Photons are NOT physical entities (in the sense that a tunig fork is a phyical entity), and do not have rest-mass, volume, etc which would characterize a physical entity.  Thus they do not 'oscillate' (at least ont in the sense that a tunig form vibrates/osciallates).  What is 'oscillating' is the electro-magnetic field of the photon.

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Okay, that makes sense.

Thank you both
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