How to configure CPAN in perl under WinXp??

Posted on 2006-06-29
Last Modified: 2008-01-09
How do I configure CPAN in perl under WinXp ? please respone as soon as possible...

Question by:arijit_rebaca
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Are you using activestate perl?  If so, you can use ppm to get packages.

If you want to be able to download source code from CPAN, you need to have a compiler.  Do you have one?
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Accepted Solution

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ID: 17011224
First you need to download Microsoft's nmake15.exe program (compiler); it's a self-extracting zip file. When it's executed, it will create 3 files on your disk (nmake.exe, nmake.err, and readme.txt). Move nmake.* to c:\perl\bin, which should be on the path.

This next step isn't required, but I recommend it because it installs several utilities that aide cpan in the installation of modules; utilities such as;

Download/install Cygwin.

Next, start the cpan shell

perl -MCPAN -e shell

The first time you enter the shell, it will ask if you're ready to start the manual configuration.  Answer "yes" and it will "walk" you through its configuration.  Just accept the defaults to most of the settings, but you may need to supply some path info if it can't find some of the utilities.
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ID: 17011250
If it helps, here's my config that you can use as a guide.

cpan> o conf
CPAN::Config options from C:/Perl/lib/CPAN/
    commit             [Commit changes to disk]
    defaults           [Reload defaults from disk]
    help               [Short help about 'o conf' usage]
    init               [Interactive setting of all options]

    build_cache        [10]
    build_dir          [C:\.cpan\build]
    bzip2              []
    cache_metadata     [1]
    cpan_home          [C:\.cpan]
    curl               []
    ftp                [C:\WINDOWS\system32\ftp.EXE]
    ftp_passive        [1]
    ftp_proxy          []
    getcwd             [cwd]
    gpg                []
    gzip               [C:\Cygwin\bin\gzip.EXE]
    histfile           [C:\.cpan\histfile]
    histsize           [100]
    http_proxy         []
    inactivity_timeout [0]
    index_expire       [1]
    inhibit_startup_message [0]
    keep_source_where  [C:\.cpan\sources]
    lynx               [C:\Cygwin\bin\lynx.EXE]
    make               [C:\perl\bin\nmake.exe]
    make_arg           []
    make_install_arg   [UNINST=1]
    makepl_arg         []
    mbuild_arg         []
    mbuild_install_arg [--uninst 1]
    mbuildpl_arg       []
    ncftpget           [C:\Cygwin\bin\ncftpget]
    no_proxy           []
    pager              [C:\Cygwin\bin\less.EXE]
    prefer_installer   [EUMM]
    prerequisites_policy [follow]
    scan_cache         [atstart]
    shell              [C:\WINNT\system32\cmd.exe]
    show_upload_date   [1]
    tar                [C:\Cygwin\bin\tar.exe]
    term_is_latin      [1]
    unzip              [C:\Cygwin\bin\unzip.exe]
    wget               [C:\Cygwin\bin\wget.exe]
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Author Comment

ID: 17015523
Hi  FishMonger ,

up to
Download/install Cygwin.

it has done. But from then I con't the cpan shell. How I do it?


Author Comment

ID: 17015527
I con't start the CPAN shell. How I do it?
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ID: 17016301
You start the cpan shell by executing the perl command I showed from the command prompt, like this.

C:\>perl -MCPAN -e shell

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