VBA: Set oDom = CreateObject("msxml2.domdocument.4.0") = 429 ActiveX component can't create object

Hello guys (and girls)

VBA (Access 2003) - XP clients

I've written an app that using the line ...

Set oDom = CreateObject("msxml2.domdocument.4.0")

... and it works fine on 99% of my clients.

I have one XP client that fails on this line with ...

429 ActiveX component can't create object

... i'm utterly baffled as to why this machine should fail. It's XP - it's been kicking around a little longer than the others, but has Office 2003 installed.

Got any idea where I should be looking ? ... like I said, works fine on about 50 machines, this 1 machine fails ... i've checked 'References' and can't see anything missing ... I thought it was a standard reference.

Don't know what else to update ...

... I might try a resinstall of Office, I guess *hmmmm*


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Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you set a reference to msxml 4 on that machine just to test it is correctly registered?
leclairmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Does this computer have the msxml2.dll installed??
SpencerSteelAuthor Commented:
good question - i'll check ... why would the other XP machines and not this one ?

Was it a SP thing ? - I'll go and check now ... *runs downstairs*

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SpencerSteelAuthor Commented:
.... yes - it was there. I tried updating it with a version from a working client. No difference. I notice there was msxml3 and 4 there as well.

The user is leaving shortly, so I might try some Windows Updates, Office updates and a resinstall  or something.

There's always one ...

Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You actually need to look for msxml4.dll, not msxml2.dll.

Time to run downstairs again ;o)
SpencerSteelAuthor Commented:
Hello guys,

Right, there wasn't any MSXML4.dll files on that client, so I copied all of the MSXML4 files to the machine - and it still didn't work ...

Howwver - RORYA - excuse my ignorance, but how do I test if it is correctly registered .... remember, i'm just a lowly VBA developer !

And if I don't get back to you guys, it's because i'm on holiday all next week ... I will be back to solve this (at the moment, i've swopped out his machine)

Thanks so much,

Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the dll was not there and you have just copied it across to the machine, it cannot be registered. Open a command prompt window (Start-Run type cmd and press enter), change to the directory you copied the dll to - if it was C:\Windows\System32 and the prompt does not already say C:\Windows\System32>, then you would type:
c: and Enter
cd \windows\system32 and enter
then type
regsvr32 msxml4.dll
and you should get a message telling you if the registration succeeded.


Carl TawnConnect With a Mentor Systems and Integration DeveloperCommented:
You need to copy two files for XML4. They are: msxml4.dll and msxml4r.dll

And you need to register msxml4.dll, which you can do by going to Start > Run and typing "regsvr32 msxml4.dll"
SpencerSteelAuthor Commented:
You all are wonderful !

I wonder why those DLL's were missing ? ... actually .... no ... wait ...

hang on a minute ....

... yes. I do believe, all of a sudden I couldn't care less anymore.

I am so fickle.

Have some points !


Rory ArchibaldCommented:
Ta for the points. Since you asked:
The DLL is a menial creature with all the enthusiasm of a sloth. As such, they never do anything off their own bat; rather they require to be called, and often poked with a WM_STICK message, in order to get them to do anything at all. Eventually, however, this sort of abuse takes its toll on the poor creatures and they have been known to slope off somewhere in search of a quiet life. They do seem to breed like rabbits though, so it's generally easy enough to find another one.
That's what I used to tell my users when they asked, anyway...

PS I am, of course, lying - no user has asked me anything about a DLL. Ever.
PPS Yes, I have way too much free time today.
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