Groupwise 6.5 crashes when replying or composing a mail

I am a consultant for a client here in Central Florida. In no way am I an expert on Groupwise so bear with me. This client has Groupwise 6.5 SP1 installed on her machine as well as Office 2003 including Outlook 2003. The machine is a Compaq Presario with Windows XP professional SP2. I have created 2 Mail profiles in Control Panel and assigned Outlook as the default profile to use so that when the client opens Outlook, she gets to see her usual mailbox, calendar, and contacts. They have State contracts and need Groupwise so that they can receive emails, through Groupwise, from the State. The client signs into a VPN and then launches Groupwise. She can view her Groupwise emails with no problems. If she tries to reply to an existing email or compose a new email, Groupwise crashes and displays a Windows error box stating that Groupwise had to be shutdown. If I reinstall Groupwise, and reconfigure the Mail profiles so that she can still see her Outlook Calendar and contacts, she can use Groupwise with no problems... until she reboots the PC. After a reboot, Groupwise crashes on replys and new mails just like it did previously. Every other person in this office uses Groupwise with no problems. The only thing that is different between the problematic PC and all the others is that all the others use Outlook Express instead of Outlook. Could this be the problem? Is there some inherent hate between Groupwise and Outlook that is causing the problem? My gut is telling me this is NOT the problem but I am no expert on Groupwise so I was hoping one of you could help me out. Thanks in Advance.
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billmercerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>Copying the MAPI32.DLL is essentially what you're doing when you install GroupWise AFTER LookOut!.

Well, not exactly. The difference is you're not putting the MAPI32.DLL in the Windows\System32 folder. By putting it in the GroupWise application folder instead, GroupWise will still work even if the proper version gets stomped on again, because GW will find and use the DLL from its own folder first, and ignore the one in System32.
Well, yes, Redmond hates any hint of competition, and so they deliberately design their software to break competing softwares. Started with DR DOS back in the early 90s, and it's been a winning play, hasn't it?

If the back-end was GroupWise v7.0 instead of v6.5, I'd suggest installing the LookOut! Connector that lets LookOut! 2K3 function as a GroupWise v7 client without breaking LookOut!'s ability to be hijacked by the virus-of-the-week. So verify the back-end is not GroupWise v7.0.

Try installing LookOut! first, then install the GroupWise client. Also, v6.5.1 is outdated. I'm sure you're using the latest LookOut! version, give GroupWise the same consideration. It's up to Support Pack, which can be freely downloaded from -->
Whoops. Typo. GroupWise v6.5 is up to Support Pack 6.
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The problem is likely to be MAPI.

>Is there some inherent hate between Groupwise and Outlook that is causing the problem?

Not hate, just Microsoft "innovation." Eudora, Lotus, etc. all have the same problem, which is Microsoft's decision to break their own standard. At one time Microsoft told everyone that they should use MAPI to communicate with Windows' built-in messaging capabilities. So lots of vendors did this. Then, after everyone was using it, Microsoft released a new version of MAPI that breaks all those other programs.

Microsoft's suggestion for running GroupWise and Outlook together is to create two separate MAPI profiles and switch between them. You cannot have Outlook and GroupWise running at the same time. You have to quit one, then start the other, and you have to specify a separate MAPI profile for each;en-us;197648

Another thing you can try is to copy the MAPI32.DLL file from a working GroupWise installation into the GroupWise application folder on the problem machine. That has fixed problems for me a few times.

Copying the MAPI32.DLL is essentially what you're doing when you install GroupWise AFTER LookOut!. Your're replacing the MAPI32.DLL that deliberately breaks competing apps with an unbroken version.

Good clarification. Yes, putting it in the GroupWise app directory does insure that GroupWise will always have the "unbroken" version.
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