passwd segmentation fault

When I run passwd on my FC3 server, I get the following error: Segmentation fault
This follows a recent new account creation and there's no indication of what could have brought this about.
I've seen this error as being described as mostly a Solaris issue, or more Solaris related occurrences are mentioned on the web. What I cannot seem to find is anyone having this as a pure passwd failure on FC3. I've tried upgrading passwd using yum, but this did not help.

Any idea what I should upgrade or fix to repair the passwd application?
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pjedmondConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1.    I'd be tempted to try manually removing the account that you've recently created. Just delete the bottom line of /etc/passwd. (Make a backup first first!)

2.    Any other commands get a segmentation fault? Particularly useradd usedel etc?

ldd /usr/bin/passwd

gives a list of the so associated with passwd. Any similarities?

3.    Permissions on /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow?

-rw-r--r--    1 root     root         2026 May 28 17:04 /etc/passwd
-r--------    1 root     root         1321 Jun  1 10:25 /etc/shadow

4.    Check /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow fo any obvious corruption.

5.    Disc healthcheck fsck in single mode - Boot to grub, edit(e) the linux line adding 'single' to the end of the line.

6.    Pray.

7.   Restore as much as possible of the file system from backups - You've got loads of thse ;)

8    If nothing obvious is seen from the above suggestions to work on, using the original install discs, you can do an 'upgrade' install.

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Could you please send the callstack.
andrejonkerAuthor Commented:

I've been using Linux for many years, but have never been fortunate enough to join the rank of Server Admin so to speak. I guess my Linux skill, or lack thereof thus qualifies me as a mere user. Therefore my inexperience have led me to turn to the Experts Exchange service in frustration.

To be honest, I believe the problem is quite common as I've found many similar error reports using Google. Unfortunately, unlike my other ventures in programming, the Linux community have not been very impressive in the caliber of response I have found to the other reports elswhere on the net.

Paying Experts Exchange have resulted in the above responses, which I guess is good and I can assure you much better than some I've seen. (Some were actually just plainly rude and I feel for the poor souls that had to deal with these when they were in the same situation.)

Now with the above in mind, and the fact that there doesn't really seem to be anyone with the real answer (except perhaps the guys at SUN, who must've gotten their fair share of this issue _read original report_ I will now have to conclude that the only real answer is to make a copy of the data, because the OS is terminally impaired and a complete re-install and configuration build is in fact required.

If anyone wishes to challenge my view, please be my guest, as I'm not planning to spend time doing this just yet, so maybe, just maybe someone can actually tell me they've seen this before and know how to fix it. Because it has all the  probability of a simple version conflict somewhere which happens all the time and accross UNIX flavours.

Thanks to pjedmond and DineshJolania for your responses. I believe they are good, I was just looking for a different answer.
andrejonkerAuthor Commented:
Just an amendment to the above. It was not my intention to report a negative view of Experts Exchange. Other responses I refer to were spotted elsewhere on unrelated sites. Hence my reference to Google. Please keep this in mind and read above in most positive fashion.
As you've discovered, this type of error can occur as a result of numerous possible problems. You will note that I've asked Qs to try and focus a little more on the problem. Unfortually with some of the more complex problems, the 'fix' is complex, and asking most people to try and attempt it is unrealistic. Plus for the experts to understand exactly what you see and try is impossible as we do not have access to the system in question, therefore the best we can hope to provide is some guidance.

Ultimately, backups may be the only solution. That's the way with Windows as well as Linux and other operating systems.

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