No DNS address on PC after connecting to Cisco Pix 515.

Connecting via Cisco VPN Client.
I don't get any dns information on this connection, it says in the settings for DNS that it should obtain information automatically. It doesn't.
If I type in my dns server manually after connecting the vpn, it works.

I guess it is a setting in the firewall.
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Yes, you need to define the DNS server IP address on VPN server/PIX firewall/router etc.

vpngroup GROUP_NAME dns-server x.x.x.x

This will assign a DNS server for given vpn group on PIX.

magickeaAuthor Commented:
Sorry, didn't write that in the question.
I allready have entered this string, still no luck.
magickeaAuthor Commented:
Found one error.
The group name was case sensitive, corrected the name in the client, now the dns server is set up in my connection,
but I still can't ping/connect to hostnames, only IP's
Try pinging the DNS server first.

Then from command prompt.

nslookup Server_NAME

See what it shows.
magickeaAuthor Commented:
got the problem solved.

The default domain name was wrong.

Was should be

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