\\ip not working

djsoltan used Ask the Experts™
hi guys,
running windows xp tablet edition ( similar to home )
i do have file and printer sharing enabled but when i type \\my computers ip (
it keeps saying
The Network path was not found.
anyone knows how i can fix this?
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Where are you typing this?
Do you have a software firewall enabled? Norton Systemworks, Windows firewall, etc...

things to check:
- make sure that you have shared the folder you want and gave the permissions needed
- open the firewall port for sharing (usaully check: file and printer sharing)
- make sure you can ping that computer that host the share( from command line: ping ip)
- when you try to connect to it from another computer try to use:

hope this helps!

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems Administrator

both computers (the one sharing and the one you are accessing the share from) should have the same accounts (same user names and passwords).  This will help with sharing.

This is most likely due to a firewall on the device you are trying to access, it is not an account issue as it would give you a permission error if it was.

Try to ping the machine you are trying to see .
Start > Run > Cmd > ping

i suspect you will not get an answer, if you dont then that device is blocking your pc and you will need to add a rule in its firewall to allow your priavte range then this should solve it.

Also you may wanna make sure they are all on the same IP range. EG. PC on PC 2 on PC 3
PC 1 and 2 are on same range but PC 3 is on a different one so you'd need to correct it's IP

I hope this Helps. :-p

try entering the computer name
You can get it by doing " tracert \\ "

and then try

\\computer name

Erik BjersPrincipal Systems Administrator

tracert \\ will not work nor will tracert \\computer name

you can try tracert

or tracert computer name

from the command prompt, but since these are on a local LAN ping will work just as well


oops sorry tracert
>try entering the computer name
>You can get it by doing " tracert \\ "

No, you can't - you can maybe get a PTR record to a hostname, but there is absolutely no guarantee that this will match the netbios name.

This is a windows configuration problem - I've seen it before, but never had to fix it (I'm a linux guy, not a windows guy).

xp tablet is xp professional since a tablet is more of a office tool, not a home tool.

are they on the same subnet? if not, what mask do you have set?

Id also have a look at this and see if it helps


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