How do I know if my providers server has PHP and what version?

I am new to web development and I want to run a PHP script on my providers server but when I upload any files that end in .php all I see is a blank page.  Is there any way that I can tell if they are running PHP and if so, what version it is?

Thank you.
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RWJDComConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If any php files you are uploading are showing up as blank pages it would be safe to assume that the server does not have PHP installed on it, but a surefire way to find out is to create a php file with the following in it...




That will display all of the information about php, including the version number, if it is installed on the server.
RebeSimbaAuthor Commented:
It still shows up blank so I guess it doesn't have PHP installed.

Thank you for the quick response.
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