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I just purchased a Ford with a Shaker 500 audio system.  It says it plays Mp3s in the CD player.  But I can't find info what format to burn in.  The owners manual has some info about single folder mode (for device navigation I suppose).  Haven't burned mp3 audio CDs before, just the std music CD.

I use Windows Media Player 10 to burn most of my CDs.  I have Roxio Creator Clasic ver 6 also.  A lot of my files are in the .wma format.  I have the option to rip music in Mp3 format, so I'm guessing I can burn that way too, but I don't see how to set that option.

Will the play be able to read CD, CDRW or DVD+RW?

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dalsymConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have never used an MP3 CD before. My guess would be just use Windows XP. Copy the MP3 files to the CD-R, right click in the CD-R window and choose Write these files to disc.
I dont believe roxio classic or media player can burn an mp3 cd (without buying addons) The Nero 7 premium edition i have will burn a mp3 cd and dvd. The info i found on the shaker 500 states it will only play cds and mp3 cds so you wont be able to play an mp3 dvd and that would need to be burned to a cd-r. There are alot of different programs you can use to create a mp3 cd but i wasnt able to find any free ones.
downlaod nero it has any option for creating mp3 cd just clik mp3 add any format files it will encode automatically.
You can get a trial copy of nero from

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jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Your mp3 player can not play DVD+/-R or CDRW only cdr first you can try burning a cd with the wma files and test my cd player says mp3 player but also plays wma files. If that does not work you can rip the music into mp3 and then make your cd... Im downloading WMP 10 to see if i can find a work around if my first suggestion does not work.....
twgonderAuthor Commented:
I've been testing this all day.  Lots of observations to come.  Don't waste the time, unless you want to.
jimmymcp02Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only thing that you can do at this point is to (the cheap way) is to from now rip your music as mp3 or you can convert you current music with one of this tools  or   good luck
twgonderAuthor Commented:
@ jamietoner
Roxio burned what they call a "MP3 Player Disc" project.  The CD worked, with some limitations.  The car system sometimes reports "Bad disc".  The songs are burned in what appears alphabetical order, despite being placed in the project in album song order.  In other words, track 01 for two different albums are played one side-by-side in the car.

@ dalsym
Why suggest a guess?  Why clutter up the thread?  However, before you get offended, your idea is good, one I would try 1st, if it wasn’t for wanting to use the existing burning software to convert wma files and to avoid all the extra files Media Player sticks in the folders.  Look below (#3) and see that your idea does work for MP3 only files.

@ ded9
I tried Nero years ago.  Before cluttering up my PC with even more crap software, I like to get what I have working.  That is why I listed the software I have.

@ everyone interested - more observations

I like the wma format based on the belief that it is a better, for the file size.  I also buy a lot of music from MSN Music, and that comes in the wma format.  I don’t want to keep two copies of music on my computer (wma and mp3).

Also, I didn’t want to buy any more software, or upgrades.  I’m tired of being nickeled to death.  Newer software may overcome the limitations found below, but I’m not up for another day of testing.

I did experiment, and found a solution.


#1 As stated above, the Roxio CD worked - not well, but it worked.  One main problem is that Roxio doesn’t recognize wma files.  If we could solve the order problem, it is a start.  But, I'm curious about the folder CDs Ford talks about, and I can't see anything in Roxio that does that.  I’ll go back later and try to copy just folders, and not just the tracks (can’t remember how I did it before).

#2 Roxio had fits trying to burn to CD-RW and DVD+RW.  I'm guessing that the problem might be that I have an older version of Roxio (not sure which one because I can't find the install CD, but maybe 7 if my memory serves me).  Windows properties reports this CD File system as UDF.

#3 I tried Windows Media Player and the Data CD option to write wma files.  It adds a playlist to clear up the order problem.  But the car player spits out the CD as “Bad disc”.  Works in Media Player fine though. Windows properties reports this CD File system as CDFS

#4 Next (just to get the obvious out of the way, and to see if it would work for simple MP3 files), I used Windows to create a CD with the CD Wizard that pops up when sending files to the CD drive.  A sub Explorer window allows one to specify “Make a data CD”.  The car player will read and play the CD.  I copied folders with both wma and mp3 files.  On loading, the car player just ignored the folders with wma only tracks.  It keeps tracks in order and a folder structure does seem to exist in that the display shows F1, F2… .  Artist and album information are reported my the car player.  Windows properties reports this CD File system as CDFS.

#5 Used Windows Media Player to create a CD with both wma and mp3 files.  There is no folder structure.  The car player doesn’t see the wma files but the mp3 files play.  (I presume the failure in step three was because the car player couldn’t find any mp3 files.)  Album and artist information seems to be missing.  Windows properties reports this CD File system as CDFS.

#6 This test is based on tweaking the above experiments..  I then used a free wma>mp3 converter from another Experts solution.  (The link by the way is  Then I converted the files (very time consuming) to the CD drive.  The mp3 files were smaller, because I encoded them that way, and seeing that the car is fairly noisy, I traded quality for more music.  The Switch program lost the album and artist information during the conversion.  Switch can do multiple source folders, but doesn’t seem to have a way to target different sources.  In other words, you’ve got to sit there and do each album individually if you want to maintain the folder format for the car player.  The CD played and one folder was recognized.  Sound quality was quite good with bitrate of 160 kbps  105 songs filled only 457 MB.  Windows properties reports this CD File system as CDFS.


The car player can’t deal with wma files.  Both the UDF and CDFS file systems are supported by the car player.

Windows Media Player and Roxio are OK, unless you want the folder structure intact so that songs aren’t rearranged and you want the meta data for the album.  I couldn’t find a way for either program to handle wma files on the fly.

Switch an OK program for converting, but is slow and loses the artist and album information.  Using XP’s send to CD drive feature works OK.

Final Solution:
Download wma>mp3 converter.  Convert non mp3 files using a bitrate of 160 kbps.  Use XP send to CD drive feature.  Burn baby!
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