Need a windows shutdown screensaver.

I've got an extra computer in my office that gets used very rarely.  But an assistant usually comes in once a day to use it very quickly and then leave.  It's a very noisy computer, so I usually end up putting up with the noise for a couple hours before I get fed up and turn it off.

I'd like a piece of software that activates like a screensaver, and quietly shuts the computer down.  All of the software I've found that comes close is pretty clunky and requires a taskbar or systray icon, and generally hasn't worked like I would like it to.  I'm basically looking for a piece of software to shut down the pc after a half hour of idle time.
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KenneniahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Another option would be to schedule pssshutdown.exe from
schtasks /create /RU SYSTEM /SC ONIDLE /I 30 /TN Shutdown /TR "C:pstools\psshutdown.exe -c -f "

You can also use the built in shutdown.exe in Windows XP, however I prefer Psshutdown because of the -c option which gives the user the option to cancel the shutdown.
Start > Control Panel -> (Switch to Classic View) > Power Options > System standby -> After 1 hour
Winexit.scr is part of the Windows 2003 Resource Kit which you can download from

Right-click the winexit.scr and hit install, the configure it's settings using display properites in control panel.
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Disregard Winexit, I forgot it doesn't have a shutdown option, just a logoff. There used to be on called Activesaver.scr which you could use as normal screen saver that had a shutdown option, but unfortunately the company that made it changed it to ActiveExit and it's no longer free.
Marc ZCommented:
What OS?

If windows, then follow callrs suggestion above.
Marc ZCommented:
Or set up the Hibernation if XP. Will resume quickly and be quiet while not running.
Marc ZCommented: is not a screensaver but Wizmo can do more by using a Windows shortcut where it's possible to add commands directing Wizmo's actions.

Personally, I think the Hibernate feature will suit him best.
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