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I need to parse a collection of image links from a HTML string, download and place them in a temp file to be used as ButtonBase.Image Property .

The image links that need to be parsed are along the lines "" & (a integer 1-100) & ".png"

Can anybody please help?
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kouroshparsaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
webAddress is a string containing the URL
fileName and filePath are strings

            Dim client As New WebClient
            client.DownloadFile(webAddress, filePath & "\" & fileName)
End Try
Note: You can either read HTML files or download, save them and read them. (depending on what you want)
Downloading is described above.
To Read, try some thing like:
            Dim stream As IO.Stream = client.OpenRead("webAddress")
            Dim bf(1024) As Byte
            Dim str As String = stream.Read(bf, 0, 1000)
or better yet, look at MSDN:

 Then search for all "http\\"s all web addresses of images in an array.
kaliyugkaarjunConnect With a Mentor Commented:
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