VB and Access 2003

I'm using VB and an Access 2003.  The db was originally created in Access 2000, but the computer had to have things reinstalled and now has Access 2003.

So I was wondering if there are any compatibility issues using the two programs.  I know that when using data controls you can select Access 2000 for the connect property.  This VB program also uses DAO and not ADO.

I've been having some weird things happen to the program since using Access 2003 and am debating uninstalling Access 2003 and reinstalling Access 2000.

Any ideas what I should do?
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Raynard7Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I have had this problem before,

What I had to do was to re-create all the tables in the new (2003) db and then import the data from 2000 - if I just used the upgrade or copied the tables it would not work correctly.

I found if I used ADO however I did not have any problems.
You should not have a problem becasue Access 2000 and 2003 uses the same DAO version 3.6.

What werid things?
ecohouseAuthor Commented:
There was a problem with the front end.  I opened a table in the access db and I would get an error saying there is a bookmark problem.  I don't know what that is.

Also a whole row in a table would have ##ERROR in each field and I couldn't delete the row.  I compacted and repaired the db.  When I reopened the table I lost a lot of records.
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I am not sure what went wrong, maybe someone else will have an idea.

I am pretty sure that you should not have a problem but then I do not use data control, just DAO.
Dan, my answer definitley has worked before - as the question asker did not respond it is hard to know if it worked for them - but it should have.
ecohouseAuthor Commented:
I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to this question.  I was sidetracked for awhile.


Did you just create a new db in Access 2003 and then import the tables?  Or did you do it another way?
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