WM2005 OMA Problem

After changing out internal newtork address - OMA with WM'05 no longer works. I'm getting promted for password on the mobile device.

Please note:

Firewall was updated with new network
DNS was updated
Can ping server by name
OWA works fine
Outlook works fine

Any ideas?
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ee ai construct, community support moderator
from inside ur network in the iis MMC right click on the OMA and click brows....do u get the directory listing of ur
outlook folders??? if u dont then u wont be able to connect from outside...
johnvlahosAuthor Commented:
Vahik - I tried that and yes, after authenicating, OWA opens up.
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johnvlahosAuthor Commented:
More info - can access OMA from a browser (internal or external).
johnvlahosAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved by applying Exchnage SP2. Thanks.
glad u solved ur own problem...ask the admin to refund ur points...
take care and good luck...
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