Asking for good advice. Delphi 7 capability

Hi everybody,

 I would like to ask some questions and i know your expertise & no. of years of experience using Delphi can answer my question fairly and brilliantly.

Im planning to create an application that will use the DELPHI 7 & mySQL. The database (mySQL) server is located remotely, in other words, the network structure in not intranet but WAN. Just like a webpage the database is located remotely.

Now my question are
1. Is Delphi capable of accessing mySQL using WAN connection (over the internet)?
2. Is it SLOW when in terms of quering data? Are there any workaround for the slowness?

Anybody can give me a good advice?
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ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
Thanks in advance. Hope i can still use delphi... on WAN.
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
Are there any sites also that gives a free mySQL link? i want to try creating a simple applicatin that will link a server over the internet.
there are plenty of mysql libs/components out there, lot of them even free.
vheck out thsi page on quite a few resources:

regarding the speed: it is the same for all kind of db servers; it only depends on you wan capabilities. there is of course the option of using compression, but that depends on the data if you will have significant increase in speed due to this compression.

a list with components:

most people I heard use zeos. so you can try that (in the idea that you will get much easier support around here :) )

also found an open source component:


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ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
So your trying to say that Delphi 7 is very much capable of doing a WAN?
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
Hi if i use zeos, does it uses a ODBC still? Is it capable in accessing servers remotely (WAN)? dO You know of any site that i can test my program if it does connect the mysql from their site?
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
wich of the zeos packages should i download? Which is a reliable free component that does not expire and will run without any dll required?
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
HI by the way, does zeos support delph 7? It only has the 4,5 & 6 version
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
Hi ciuly,
 I installed zeos in my delphi, i got an error when intalling "zeosctrl". There's an error

  ZCommon6; <-------- Cannot find this file.

Where can i find Zcommon6?
delphi has nothing to do with the network connection. windows will take care of that. (that includes wan)

for the resto fo the questions, there should be someone who worked with zeioa around to answer.
did you follow all the steps described in the zeos install readme file? there should be something to add some paths to delphi lib path
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
I received too many errors, missing files when i installed zeosctrl. I want to know who has a zeos components that has the complete setup
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
Yes i did follow the steps, i did not forgot also to include the lib path. do you know of any other free good component that connects mySQL without using ODBC or ADO?
well, that link I gave you: they say they don't use odbc. take a look at theri site
Your initial idea is not the perfect solution. I think you need the so called "3-tiered" architecture.

Consider this:
  DB <-> App.Server <-> ...................WAN........................ <-> Client

You can implement App.Server as COM/COM+/WebService that is located nearby the Database. The from clients worldwide you can access the Application Server. If you use WebServices, you application will be open to other applications that may need interface to your system.

About speed: Since MySQL operations (most of them) are really quick, the total speed will depend on the transfer speed in WAN. If you don't transfer datasets more than 10,000 rows and you have at least 64Kbps WAN speed, you application will work excellent.
ryan_sabarreAuthor Commented:
ciuly ,

 Thanks for your help. I have learned many things here specially you gave me the idea of using zeos components. Thanks a lot. I'm using the zeos components now but not the zeos controls because i still am encountering problem when installing the zeos controls components. So therefore Delphi is still good in using mySQL connected in the WAN.

Thanks a lot.
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