Windows Media Player will not play web video anymore

In the past week or so my Windows Media Player has quit playing all web video streams.  Things such as CNN Pipeline (even the standalone app which uses Windows Media Player) won't work.  I tried using the web player on, it also will not find the streams.. If you check the "error details" it says that Windows Media player cannot play any items on the playlist, or it says it cannot play the specified resource type.  Also, for a day or so CNN pipeline caused "serious" errors in Windows but I tracked that down to the recent installation of Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0.

I have tired uninstalling Pipeline and reinstalling it to no avail.  I also tried uninstalling and re-installing the K-Lite codec pack to see if it was maybe a codec problem, but that also did not work.  I do not have a software firewall, but I am behind a router (tried DMZ Hosting myself and it did not help any) and it has never been an issue before.  I also tried upgrading Windows Media Player to version 10.0 to see if maybe some media player files were corrupt.  That also did not work and I cannot try a clean install of WIndows Media Player because I can't figure out if there is even a way to uninstall it!

Any help on figuring out why Windows Media Player suddenly decided it didn't want to do streaming video anymore would be very helpful.

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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, this a copy of an email I sent out to several of my fellow EE to let them know about the June windows updates.

This the intro page:
Microsoft issues its security patches on the second Tuesday of every month and the June 2006 update will be the biggest for more than a year!

This is because Microsoft is not only tackling security problems but also the fallout of a legal case that the software maker lost - See my article KB912945 - Before now, users could choose to apply this change to their browser, but this June 2006 update makes it mandatory...

detailed here:
This change is due to a patent suit brought against Microsoft by a company named Eloas. The name is an acronym for "Embedded Object Links Across Systems." Basically, Eloas claims to own (along with the University of California) the patent for the technology that allows browsers to automatically launch external files like Flash, RealPlayer, MP3, and PDF.

By applying Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX update - KB912945 for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, changes will occur in the behaviour of Java applets or ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer 6.1

This basically means this "non security" patch KB912945 will see users NOT being able to "directly interact" with ActiveX controls loaded by the APPLET, EMBED, or OBJECT elements.

This includes:

Adobe Reader – PDF documents in a webpage
Apple QuickTime Player - Video and Audio on webpage’s
Macromedia Flash Player - Video and Audio on webpage’s
Microsoft Windows Media Player – Video and Audio on webpage’s
Real Networks RealPlayer - Video and Audio on webpage’s
Sun Java Virtual Machine – External software that runs in IE

...AFTER the update KB912945 is installed you cannot interact with ActiveX controls from Web pages until these controls are enabled. To enable an ActiveX control, you will have to MANUALLY click the control - not a huge issue, just a pain to have to click the screen BEFORE it will work.

An Example?

An example of the update KB912945 in action will be trying to watch a “Flash” or “Windows Media” VIDEO in a webpage.

Before the update you would have just loaded the page and clicked the play button.

With the update installed you will now have to “activate” the video by clicking on it first THEN hitting the play button to watch it.

This is a real pain in the butt!

…but Microsoft had no choice as the company suing them wanted a royalty payment every time a user used their patent… this would have cost Microsoft a yearly multi-million dollar payout.

Whilst this patch is not currently critical, after June 2006 Microsoft will be trying to make sure ALL users have it installed.

You can read more here: 

This will also effect websites with Flash and DHTM navigation and some IE 6.1 keyboard controls too!

Are You A Web Developer?

There are also techniques that Web developers can use to update their Web pages:

If YOU use video/audio/flash on your website there is also a simple trick you can use to bypass this issue for your website visitors. It involves using JavaScript and you can get the code for FREE here:

ironwill96Author Commented:
Oh yeah, only other relevant thing installed during timeframe it quit working was my Logitech QuickCam drivers, which I have since uninstalled to see if that was the problem and that also didn't help.
Streaming Media Help

i just tried one and it works fine, did you see the yellow bar across the top of the web page r/click this and allow popups
in the tools pop up blocker and manage add ons.

what version of QT do you have?
Quick time.

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ironwill96Author Commented:
Thanks for the help, I think that was the issue.

your wellcome, gald I was able to assist you.
Regards Merete
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