Opening others mailbox folders...???

I have a user that needs to access another users mailbox.  The mail server is Exchange 2003 with SP2.  The mail client is Outlook 2003.  I know that in Outlook a user can access another’s by  opening “open other users folder” and pick the folder type.  What if the user wants’ to access a folder that his has permission to access is not a default folder…other then the inbox.  If the user sharing the folder is sharing a folder called “Billing”, how can another user with permissions access that folder.  If the user don’t have “full mailbox access” but wishes to access only the “Billing” folder how can that user get to the folder????
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FrankcoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi kfasick,

Here is the method to open folders other than the Inbox or the usual folders listed in the drop down menu.

Hope this helps,

The best way to share folders is by putting them in the Public Folders area and restrict/share them with the appropriate permissions. It gives the user a visible way to navigate to the folder, as well as ways to set up shortcuts to their favorite folders.

I haven't seen a way to easily get at folders in a user's email tree other than the standard folder types.
I am not too sure what you want but ET0000 should be the method to use as so that the information is truely a shared information as opposed to you sharing your stuff with everyone else.

If you actually intend to share your stuff with everyone else as many executives may want to do with their assistants for the sake of maintaining and updating mail messages and the like you can use this process to enable that

From the person who's mailbox you want to permit the share from (the Executive's)

On the Exec's PC:

Open Outlook

On the menu bar select Tools > Options

Click on the Delegates tab.

Click Add... then choose the assistant from Global Address Book and click OK.

You can then specify the permissions you wish to grant the delegate (his Assistant).  Click OK when done.

Click Apply. Click OK

The assistant's PC

Open Outlook

Select the the Inbox, Calendar or which icon

From the File menu, click Open, and choose Other User's Folder

Click on the Name tab and locate the client in the global address book.

Select Calendar as the folder type

Click OK

You should now see and be able to use the Exec's calendar per the permission you've set on the exec's Delegation rights.
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err Select Calendar if you are sharing the calendar, select Mail if you are sharing the mailbox, etc as the folder type....

Hate it when I have to re-read, but hopefully you got the idea
Thanks for finding that, Frankco. Now I know why I've never seen how to do that before -- the main reason why people have shared non-standard folders in their personal mail store is that they don't want things shared too widely. To share a folder from the mail store, you have to share a LOT (the page example shows to share a folder under the Inbox, you have to share the Inbox as well as the root Mailbox!!).

Because of that extra sharing required, I'd still recommend putting the folders in Public Folders and restricting permissions there, rather than opening up the Mailbox permissions.

kfasick, I hope that Frankco & I have provided some assistance. Good luck with your user.
Hi ET0000,

If you have a folder under your Inbox and want to share it but, you do not want to share the messages in your Inbox, you should be able to set your permissions to your Inbox to let the other person just see folders (uncheck review and leave folders checked). You would have to do this with each folder in your mailbox. Does this make any sense?

Thank you ET0000,
   It makes sense, but it's beyond what I would expect the typical user (or even many administrators) to do. I can see problems easily occurring in both directions -- people accidentally sharing too much and people not sharing enough to keep the folder visible.

   The general approach I encourage people to use (both for email folders and for files) is that if more than one person has a business need to access it, then it shouldn't be stored in an individual's area. If that person leaves, it is very easy for those things to disappear.

   So, it's nice to know there is a way to share the non-standard folders in a mail store, but there are good business reasons to avoid it.
Good Advice.

Thank you ET0000
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