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When my users start up the published app MYOB accounting, or use ICA custom connection to start MYOB accounting, it can't print.
So I make them run the icabar app on which I put the MYOB accouting icon.  Now, when the attach to the citrix box, they get the little icabar program and their printers are autocreated.  Then they boot up MYOB and it works fine.  Has anyone had to 'delay' application startup similarly and how did you do it.  Maybe I am missing something basic.

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ET0000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe you can set a Desktop as a published application and control the synchronous process there as well, but it's usually not necessary, since there is a delay while the user has to manually do something in the desktop, so the printers are usually created by the time they need them.

The toggle in the application properties is the part I was referring to. Hope it helps.
There is a setting in PS3 for each application which lets you specify that an application won't launch until the printers have been created. We had an application which initialized itself based on the current printer, and that setting allowed it to work properly; without it, the app chose weird font sizes, wouldn't print properly, and generally wasn't useable.

The users need to know that there is an application startup delay, which can be noticeable if they have several printers defined on their local workstation.
gsgiAuthor Commented:
thanks.  i'll check it out.

the other issue that started two weeks ago is that our accountant logs into the citrix box from her office, just through a pinhole on 1494 now gets disconnected once or twice a day and is quickly reconnected but the printers creations no longer work until she exits and logs back in.  She is using the system when it "freezes" and disconnects.  So I am going to have to ping / tracert test a her side, my side etc to find the problem - but why don't the printers work when she is reconnected.


gsgiAuthor Commented:
I found the info on the printing thing...  


The timing of the printer autocreation depends on whether the user is connecting to a published app or directly to a server desktop.

If the user is connecting to a published application, the printer autocreation process is synchronous so that the application will find a default printer when it is executed. This is by design because some applications will not load if a default printer is not defined.

If the user is connecting to a server desktop, the printer is created asynchronously to increase the speed of logon.

The synchronous process can be toggled in MetaFrame XP within the individual application properties.
gsgiAuthor Commented:
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