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Write struct to file

How do I write the following struct to a binary file in the correct byte order?  (Linux platform)
For example, the file should list the struct in the order shown below.

struct test_id      {
      unsigned int f1:3;
      unsigned int f2:4;
      unsigned int f3:5;
      unsigned int f4:8;
      unsigned int f5:4;
      unsigned int f6:12;
} test;

      FILE *fp = fopen("testfile", "w");
      test.f1= 2;
      test.f2 = 0;
      test.f3 = 22;
      test.f4= 23;
      test.f5 = 4;
      test.f6= 200;
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manish_regmiConnect With a Mentor Commented:


#define htole_w(val) (val)
#define htole_d(val) (val)

#define htole_w(val) ((val << 8) & 0xFF00 | ((val >> 8) &0xFF)) for 16 bit


Have you tried fwrite()? The following MAY work. (I haven't tested it.)

fwrite(&test, sizeof( test ), 1, fp);
The order that the elements are stored in memory is probably OS and/or compiler dependent, too.
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dark_archonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I've now tested it, and it works. Just use fread() to read it all into another struct:

fread( &test, sizeof( test ), 1, fp );
>> 've now tested it, and it works. Just use fread() to read it all into another struct:
I wont always work.
Have you tried the program to store in Big Endian machine and program to retrieve in little endean machine.

You need to take a design decision to store the multibyte values in either bigendean or Little endean.

1) then before writing convert your multibyte data to your endeaness of choice.
You should make a macro to convert from host byte order to you chosen byte order.

2) write it to a file.

While retrieveing,
1) read from the disk.
2) convert from on disk byte order to host byte order.

Can u use some padding to your structure elements and make 8 16 or 32 bit values.

Manish Regmi
jeweeAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the recommendations.  I will have to store it on a little endian machine.

I have little experience with this.  Could you provide me with sample code for the conversion?

Also, in regards to padding - I could possibly insert 0 filled padding at the end.

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