Mouse pointer not visible

I am unable to see the mouse pointer in Windows ME. When I first got the PC to look (it is a friends) it was loading Windows ME logo then would reboot. I then went in as safe mode changed dirver to VGA  rebooted and then went in and loaded the correct driver again from the manufactures website. The graphics card is an SIS 6326 AGP. I now have a brilliant picture all is ok - except no mouse pointer??? I have adjusted hardware acceleration and set the refresh rate to BIOS standard to no avail. I thought it might be the PS2 mouse port so I inserted a USB mouse. The PC recognises the USB and the USB mouse lights up but still no pointer.

I have installed Adaware and found spyware and malware. I have removed these and still no mouse pointer.

My action now is to go into control Panel and uninstall all variants of this graphic driver and reboot and see what happens

In the meantime, can anyone help or make any suggestions please - thanks
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blue_zeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:

And confirm the mouse is really installed in Control Panel > System > Device Manager.

If it is, start in Safe Mode, go to Device Manager again and delete ALL entries under Mice and pointing devices.

Reboot letting Windows reinstall the Mouse and, hopefully, solve the problem.

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Try checking Control Panel > Mouse.

Change the pointers and see if that solves the problem.

If you still have a problem you could check your memory management setting.
Select > My Computer > Properties > Performance.   Click Virtual Memory button and ensure that the "Let Windows Manage my Virtual Memory Settings" is ticked(checked).
Failing that, although less likely, you could try a different mouse.
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In this MS article there may well be some duplication of Zee's suggestions, but later if you still have a problem, you could take a look at your System.ini file just in case it's been damaged:
Details >
Have you been able to fix your problem using any of the comments above, or have other difficulties arisen?   You may like to supply an update pse.

I am not able to see the mouse pointer on any  development environment.
I have installed visual studio 2008 .in that environment mose pointer will not apper.if bring the mouse pointer outside of that environment it will work.

please provide me the solution
i am using virtual pc 2008 with visual studio 2008
In any development environment or editors if we place the mouse pointer will not appear.If we press ALT key it will appear.
can you provide the solution for this .
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May i suggest you post your question in the appropriate zone. Most questions can be posted in up to three Zones.

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Good luck.
sir plusSales ManagementCommented:
turning off mouse trails worked for me
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