Dell Optiplex GX270 cooling fan gos crazy

i have an   .   every time i turn the computer on. after about 10 mins the cooling fan start to spin insanly fast. does anyone have any idea what could be the problem
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techsupport101Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It might be a good idea to try to swap the fan for another one to see if the same thing occurs. If you are concerned about the noise the fan is generating, the ball bearing may need to be oiled. This can be done by peeling back the sticker on the back of the fan and putting a drop of oil on the bearing.
The fan is most likely hooked up to the motherboard which has a sensor in the computer. As soon as the computer heats up, the motherboard begins to feed more power to the fan to cool the components as necessary. This is likely not a problem. You may be able to lower the occurence of these fan activity outbursts by ensuring your comptuer is free of dust, as well as your heatsink and fans.
-Good Luck!
EaddyAuthor Commented:
the system is clean of all dust.
that was the first thing did
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The computer uses a variable speed fan to prevent the computer from overheating. The fan runs constantly, and fan speed may vary depending upon usage. As long as you dont have errors report, or system hang up! it is not a problem.
EaddyAuthor Commented:
trust me when i say. i can hear thaf fan blasting on full power from 40 or more feet away
The motherboard is faulty
I believe your motherboard's thermal sensor had detected an unusual temperature and sending signal to the system fan to spin as fast as it could for dispersing heat.
Currently, if you have a spare system fan (or able to find one) for swap testing purpose, please do so.
Otherwise, you will need to get a replacement motherboard as a permanent solution.
The Optiplex GX270 is on the list for "Bad Caps". Get Dell to replace the mainboard. T
Is this a problem that has developed recently, or has it always been like this?

If this has developed recently, then:

a) is the computer in a warmer location than it has been in the past?
b) is the CPU being taxed by some new background process? Have a look at the Task Manager to see the CPU load.
c) could the computer have been recently subjected to a physical shock? The heatsink could, theoretically, have been knocked loose ever so slightly and need re-mounting.
d) is there any possibility that a BIOS setting governing this fan could have been changed? You might have a look in the BIOS.
e) has some OTHER fan stopped working properly, thus placing a greater cooling burden on this fan?

You could visually inspect the motherboard for bad caps. Just google "bad caps" for load of pictures. Also, which fan exactly is acting out? The one on the CPU, a front or rear case fan, the fan(s) in the power supply, etc.?
EaddyAuthor Commented:
i am going to look into all this information you guys have given.
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