Getting Mappoint to connect to external data

Hi all,
Im trying to find a solution for a customer who wants to track 50 vehicles for a short time.
Basically he will be in the outback of Australia, and therefore will only have access to the slowest of the slow satellite broadband, probably at 9.6Kbps or similar.
That means our regular web tracking application wont work very well for him.
What we have proposed is that he get a copy of Microsoft Mappoint installed with all maps local, then we use some sort of add-in to connect Mappoint to our web service, possibly with XML, or even a simple txt file.
My question is, is this possible to do?  Can anyone point me inthe direction of maybe a COM addin or similar to allow us to connect Mappoint to a basic web service?
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viliaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi D.,

I assume you have had read:

there is a link to:
Programming MapPoint in .NET

With Programming MapPoint in .NET developers will learn how to:
# Create interactive maps using the MapPoint ActiveX control
# Generate driving directions using both MapPoint Web Services and the desktop application
# Connect a GPS device to an application for navigation with MapPoint
# Integrate personal/proprietary information with MapPoint's geographic and demographic data
# Use other companies' data services in conjunction with MapPoint's Web Services
# Explore the planet with Visual Earth and add custom information to enrich the users' experience

in particular link:

And finally:
Create a Stand-Alone MapPoint ActiveX Control Installation
Using the MapPoint ActiveX Control
Downloading MapPoint 2002/2004 ActiveX Control

Hoppe it helps,

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