Paste Function not working in XP

Hi experts.
I have a client with a strange problem, he is losing paste functionality quite often on his XP machine. the functionality affects all programs. Copy icon is available, but paste is not. It doesn't matter if he uses the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.

 I have noticed a few other posts with similar problems, but none seems to have fixed ours so far. Here's what we have tried so far - any ideas would be appreciated..

-Spyware scan using Spybot, adaware and Windows defender (found a few malware, but after cleaning the problem has not been resolved)
-sfc /scannow as per the suggestion in (this fixed the problem temporarly, but it came back not long after a restart).
-Checked for RPC and lsass eroors in the event log as per article none present and RPC is running fine.

After a reboot, the function works fine for a while, then suddenly disappears. Drag and drop still works, but only to move objects, not copy.

Thanks for any suggestions you can give
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Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
I'm guessing here, but this could be a virtual mem problem.  If the system is running out of VM, then info coppied to the clipboard may not be available for past

one of the things at this site is how to change VM

lukerussellAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the poitners, guys.

RedKelvin, I had a look at that one, too. It definately does not seem to be an RPC-related error, although the symptoms are exactly the same as in that article.  We are getting no RPC errors in the event log, and the service is running fine. the RPC locator is set to manually start, but this isthe same as on other XP machines I look at. Anyway, when we manually start it, it makes no difference. But thanks for trying!

EB: I will check the virtual memory. Thanks for the pointer. Will let you know
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In regards to ebjers comment about virtual memory.

Virtual memory can become very fragmented, and although there may seem to be a lot there, some programs have trouble obtaining a large enough chunk if the blocks are not consecutive the process may fail, try defragmenting the drive.

I recommend this, there is a free evaluation

defrag with this, and then schedule a boot time defrag, that will defrag your master table and virtual memory when you reboot.

See if that helps

lukerussellAuthor Commented:
well, what do you know - i would never have guessed it would be a virtual memory problem, but lo and behold, his VM was set to a max of 128MB (i have no idea why). We increased it and so far everything looks good! I'll wait another day, then assume that has fixed it.
lukerussellAuthor Commented:
All looks good. Thanks for the help, guys
Erik BjersPrincipal Systems AdministratorCommented:
Glad you got it working
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