Copy data between Excel Workbooks

Having recently updated and Excel Application, I would like to provide a procedure to allow users to select a previous version from which data in relevant spreadsheets is then copied to the same spreadsheets in the new verions.
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ECNSSMTConnect With a Mentor Commented:
its not an issue.  you can save the entire excel workbook  as the latest version.  otherwise doublely, its just a plain copy and paste.

rockiroadsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Like ECNSSMT, u can just open as its backwards compatable then save to different version types

If u have a new version of excel, and someone has a older version or they dont have Excel installed, and they wish to see it, u can always get them to download the Excel viewer
SunBowConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might just give them a new directory name for their new saves, to distinguish from the old files that were saved. THis leaves room for contingency such as passing copies through email to 3rd parties. At the time, you can of course suggest that you'll help them through any other compatibility issues as they arise (and likely they will).
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Generally Office products have not been completely backwardly compatible on initial release
I'm trying to figure out the last statement as for example the transition of MS Word 5.5 (DOS) till the latest XP version (and even Office 2007 beta)  and Excel (which is implicitly implied here); I haven't seen exclusions to cause a upwardly transition a problem.  

However, MS sometimes lapses and transition between the  previous version and back again can cause problems. I've had irksome times in Access due to THIS problem.

Access has a different way of looking at the database and a lot of chnages has taken place... sometimes you will ahve to redo most macros as they do not adehere to the new security standards....

for apps the files format from dos to windows chnged.... and then again with office xp... and a major chnage will be again in office 2007
oh yeah, found that Macro to VBS issues out a long time ago; I remember how it was prior to 97.  Although that was the biggest bump in the road, they have had many other smaller bumps along the way, but it should not effect the the context of this question.  
I am testing 07 right how and in true MS fashion; they've rearranged just about everything.  The cosmetic changes makes me feel that they've hired a disgruntled fashion coordinator who every day probably is thinking to herself "the color scheme is all wrong", repeatedly,... in succession. (LOL)  I have yet to get to the point where I'm "checking out the engine"

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