Norton disk doctor just found an error on my ntfs partition:
                                 INDEXES STATUS
                   The 'Fix errors' checkbox was not checked.
                    Corrective actions indicated below were
                            not written to the disk.
     Recovering orphaned file BEFBF7B2 (106086) into directory file 105773.

Do you know another checker that could tell me exactly what file cause that error?
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gbirkemeierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It will check the disk for errors, and only display on the screen any errors it finds, not every file it checks.

/f = fix
/v = verbose

My guess, given the name of the fine you noted, is that it was a temproary internet file, so no big deal, just ignore it.
An orphaned file is a file on the disk with a missing index.
As an analogy, a chapter in a book that is not listed in the index.
Did you run a scandisk /f from a command prompt? What did it say?

Backup your data.
I would just let NDD fix the error, and check the drive regularry for a while.
If you get more errors, replace the drive. If you don't see more errors, it was a soft error, not a failing drive.
Did I mention to back up you data, cause you should back up your data soon.
You do have a good backup right?
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
The hard disk is new and ok, it's a software error.
I have backup only i dono what to restore, what file cause the error.
scandisk /f does not exist as scandisk /? show.
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chkdsk /f

scandisk is win98 stuff my mistake.
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
Anyway in the last minutes i did a restart, after that again ndd and now it shows no errors.
"Chkdsk /f" will fix the error, i did "chkdsk drive:" not to modify anything and all ok now.
chkdsk /? shows this:

/V              On FAT/FAT32: Displays the full path and name of every file
                on the disk.
                On NTFS: Displays cleanup messages if any.

What could be "cleanup messages"?
Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
In fat32 is it like a file whose clusters are not being linked in the fat?
This is bad enough for me.
I just want a (windows) program to point to it so i could know what is there, in case something important is to lose.
gbirkemeierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, and chkdsk will tell you what files are corupt.

Here is a good explenation for chkdsk:

Visual3DMayaAuthor Commented:
Better help gives chkdsk /?, look for /v         :)
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