Front Page Folders with Same Name Displayed Multiple times on 1 and 1 Unix Package

Recently we have been having trouble with Front Page displaying more than 1 instance of a folder on Our "1 and 1" unix site.  We log in, and maybe we will have 3 "MyHtmls" folders. I find that we can move one of the folders to a sub folder, and restart Front Page, and the "MyHtmls" folders will now be gone, but now, I may have multiple "MyTEXT" folders.  I seem to be able to edit the underlying files and save them back to the folder, but I'm afraid I'm messing with fire here.  1and1 seems to be no help, and I wondered if you had heard of this problem before.  I hate quitting 1and1, because of our contract obligations, and we are committed to Front Page, and would like to keep it, because of production efficiencies.  We would like to know if this is a bug, or if we are swimming in shark-infested waters?
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Keep in mind that FPSE are no longer being support by Microsoft.  With their new Expressions program coming out soon, you might be in a different ballpark.

I am guessing that you are logged onto your site - and not working locally?  If so - make sure you have a backup.  Also, did you go into your control panel and check FPSE?

keeker223Author Commented:
(First, let me tell you another thing about my problem:  I used Front Page successfully for about 1 month on 1 and 1 before I started having these problems.)

Now to answer your questions:

I did not know that they had abandoned FPSE! That sort of brings into question the whole usefulness of Front Page doesn't it?

Yes we are logged onto the site - Yes we have a backup...

I see it in my PC's control panel under "Administrative Tools" and "Server Extensions Administrator", but it just says Front Page Extensions, with and old email name listed below it. I have never seen this before, nor do I know what it is about.

I also see it in my 1 and 1 control panel, where I activated it. Am I missing something? Do I also have to activate Front Page extensions on my local PC too?
I am not familiar at all with 1 and 1.  I am not familiar at all with their control panel.  I do understand FPSE (usually).  

if you have never had these issues before it seems that it is a hosting issue.  

For example, on our control panel (Helm), it has a button in which you can check your FPSE.  Try this though, when you are signed on to the server, go to Tools - Server and see if you can get to your FPSE admin control panel to check your FPSE without removing them

if you are going to use FrontPage - you HAVE to be on a windows server - others may tell you different, but 99% of the wierd problems like you are having that I have come across on EE are always cases of trying to use FPSE on a Unix server - while it may work SOMETIME - when it starts going screwy, there seems to be no end to it
Its not really 1 and 1 's fault in my opinion, except that they continue to allow the usage of FPSE on Unix boxes
I use 1and1 and have over 40 sites running FPSE, but they are ALL on Windows Hosting accounts
Do yourself a favor and have them switch it over to a Windows Hosting account and republish your site from a clean (properly functioning)  local copy
tell them you want nothing from the other site and that is a sure way to get a clean, problem free "container" (thats what i call a hosting package) and your life will definitely improve

Let me know if you have any other questions in these re:
I have found 1and1 to be remarkably effective - the best web host I have ever used

As far as having FPSE on you local pc - I would say YES, if you want to develop locally and then publish to the web
in that case - follow these step-by-step articles

Many advanced users prefer instead to all of thier work in "LIVE" mode (by opening the site on the live websrever) rather than creating a "LOCAL" copy, making changes and then publishing

THey both have their pros and cons
    Pro of the LIVE mode is you dont have publishing problems
    Con of the LIVE mode is the changes are instantly LIVE, and you need to backup your work in case the live server fails
LOCAL mode pros and cons are the opposite of those
    Pro of the LOCAL mode is you can review changes before others see them, backups are easier cause the content is on your server
    Con of the LOCAL mode is the changes arent instantly LIVE, and you MAY have publishing problems
let me know if i can help otherwise

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