How to set up Mutual Authentication with IIS and a normal website.


I am not really sure how to go about this. We have just been approached by a large financial corporate, wanting to use our website.
They have all sorts of requirements we have to conform to first however, one of them is to do with security.

All of their users are behind some type of firewall/proxy, and they want this thing to have to mutually authenticate with our website. Our website is a normal type of website, it has an SSL certificate and people log in with usernames and passwords. Clients can either enforce the SSL on their group of users, or it is optional.

The site is hosted on a Windows 2000 Server IIS5.0 installation.

They have said they would give me their certificate, and we give them ours. I think this will probably affect existing customers, so we need a new website in IIS pointing to the same folder, with a new certificate. Not sure how to go about it after that.

Can someone please explain to me in laymans terms what they are trying to do, if it will affect existing customers, and how I do it.  I would appreciate it greatly. This question is urgent for us as we need to get up tp speed on this so we can discuss with them by end of week.
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ded9Connect With a Mentor Commented:
miken05Author Commented:
Those are more the theory behind it.
I am hoping for some more direct answers if possible. Thanks for your input though.
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miken05Author Commented:
Thanks I guess that's as good an answer as I'm going to get!
Did the pdf help you. If it did help you in anyway why lower grade.
miken05Author Commented:
I don't mean it as an insult, C is for average and I thought that sending me a pdf of a companies explanation for NT & IIS4 setup was average. It did help as it showed me the place to look for ticking the boxes, but does not fully answer the questions I posted, which was why I graded it like that.
I thought getting all the points was the main thing? If it was no good I wouldn't have accepted.
So thanks I appreciate it and will have to set up some test labs to see if it will work with existing customers and is exactly the same for the Win2K + IIS5 hosted app:)
Something is better than nothing .

If other expert has provided you with the best answer then sure you should not grade me.
But I have tried my level best with providing with at least a small answer.

Also getting points is not the only thing, if you are not satisfied with my answer then you can request the admin of this page to refund your points.

Grades are  close to heart topic in E.E. If you are not satisfied then you can refund your points.

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Please let me know the solution.
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